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Album Cover Design


Creating the album cover design on a children’s booklet for WEE Creators needed to exemplify an atmosphere of fun and creation without detracting from the booklet’s purpose as a creative guideline. Textbooks and how-to guides are rarely fun in-and-of themselves, so the challenge creating on for children was immense without overlapping big brand ideas. Our album cover design needed to remain unique, recognizable to only WEE Creators. During the design process, we asked “who is the audience and how will this use this album cover?”


A simple bifold booklet was created as the album cover design that best showcases the possibilities of each set. It provides step-by-step guides to creating items ranging in complexity and offers suggestions for children to use their imagination.

Album Cover Design Colors

We chose green, orange, and blue for our album cover designs for a twist on the traditional color scheme used on products designed for children 5 years and older. One color represents one part of the Air Dry Clay set: blue is the clay box, orange is the critter booklet, and green is the food booklet.
Separating each by color helps with physical and mental organization. Kids will remember which recipes came from the green book versus the orange book, and blue will always be to source of their clay.
Orange is associated with hunger, so we thought it was best to not use it on the food book as we wanted to avoid prompting children to eat the clay. Since the critter book is filled with animals and insects, orange is safe for its album cover design as children are less inclined to eat their critter creations.

Step-by-step Album Cover Design

The pages in each booklet are designed to show step-by-step guides on how to make each object. Donuts begin with the pink clay, rolled, glaze with white clay, and sprinkled with purple clay. Donuts are one of the simplest creations in the booklet. As children become more comfortable with the clay, they attempt more difficult creations like lions, frogs, and cups of tea.
The steps are easy to follow and allow children to vary their creations by using different colors or forgoing the guide and forming creations straight from their imagination. Our album cover design is meant to promote creation outside the possibilities present in the booklet.

Promoting Group Activities

The beauty of the Air Dry Clay set is children can play together or alone. The amount of clay is abundant, allowing multiple children to create figures, food, and creatures derived from their imagination. Creating together is half of the fun. We are a team of designers creating an album cover design for a product that can be played with by several kids at once. The similarities between our team and the potential of this product drove us to keep group activities in focus.
Each booklet in the Air Dry Clay set comes with 10 creations, but we don’t want the creativity to stop there. Promoting wonderful and new creations on social media is part of our album cover design, as well. This involves parent permission, but we wanted to create a community of clay creators so kids from around the world can see what their peers have created using the same tools.
Check Out No. 1 Album Cover Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics