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Unique Postcard Design


Encompassing the whimsical nature of the product with a static paper element that promotes little interaction in the postcard design for Little Oasis was a challenge. The design needed to be fresh, entertaining, and whimsical. Yet postcard designs are static and antiquated, seeming more appropriate for travel before the turn of the century. That’s when our winning idea struck.


Postcard Design Purpose

We incorporated the purpose of postcard design into the identity of Little Oasis for an old-fashioned spin on a new product. People who traveled sent postcards to loved ones along their journey.
It was a pleasure to send a post card as well as receive one. Postcards were one of the primary forms of travel blogging and social media.
We kept the idea of stamping and dating each postcard to maintain its original purpose. Little Oasis post cards can be sent in the mail, so they are real postcards. This creates a game of mail-tag, sending your Little Oasis to a friend or family member and asking for one of their Little Oasis in return.

Front Postcard Design

An image of your own Little Oasis is on the front of the postcard design, as expected from any post card. The fun here is designing your oasis. It’s a completely customizable space with stickers to place anywhere you want. Create a scene that represents your current mood. Design a place you’d like to visit with stickers and freehand drawing.
The front of the postcard design is 100% you, making each Little Oasis unique. Compare yours to a friend and see the similarities and differences. Who knows, you might have more in common with your Great Aunt Sue than you first thought.

Back Postcard Design

The back of the postcard design is split in half. One side is dedicated to the receiver’s address, the other side is for a written message. The beauty of the card’s back is the ability to explain the scene and its inspiration. You can express in words your feelings and thoughts, and share it with the world. Your oasis is your social diary.

Receiving a Post Card

Part of the fun with Little Oasis is collecting the post cards. Creating them and collecting stickers is half of the journey, the second half is receiving other oases. Refrigerators are running out of surface area with the number of post cards piling up!
The postcard design promotes an air of learning and emotional expression. We understand children struggle with expressing their emotions. Little Oasis is a method for releasing emotions, creating an escape, and becoming social active even if it’s solitary. Children learn to express themselves, understand the peers, and have fun while being creative.
We are excited to see the post cards shared on social media and can’t wait to see what Little Oasis everyone has created. We’re also eager to see sticker combinations. Young minds create unexpected results.
If you’re intrigued by the postcard design of Little Oasis, give us a call. We’re happy to consult with you on any future project.
Find Out About No1 Postcard Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics