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Booklet Design


Booklet designs require a sustained level of cohesion and inspiration in order to deliver a professional final product. Brillanz required an informational booklet that seamlessly communicated all of their company’s information in an easily readable and attractive way.
Our challenge was to design a product from start to finish that effortlessly conveyed the professionalism of the Brillanz brand.
Our booklet design for Brillanz had to clearly convey information and visual elements in a way that grabbed attention without being overwhelming.


The booklet design for Brillanz was focused on creating a clear, minimalist final product. The most important aspect to consider when designing was showcasing the content in an easy to understand way while including non-distracting visual components.
Text and pictures complement each other perfectly, placed side-to-side along with the same pages. The structure and narrative of the booklet design create an overall effective product that suits Brillanz’s brand image well.
One of the most important features when developing a booklet design is the cover. The cover creates the first impression for all of the content contained inside the booklet’s pages. For Brillanz, the booklet cover design was simple yet bold. The visuals on the front of the booklet were invigorating and inspirational. The other graphic elements used on the cover were understated and used simple structural design, namely lines and shapes, to convey essential information. Balance is essential in booklet designs. In the case of Brillanz, the balance between the graphics and the written content had to be carefully considered. Because a booklet is a longer project, creativity has to be sustained throughout the entire creative process. The placement and interaction between text and visuals had to be consistent yet different from page-to-page. We took painstaking care to create a booklet design that offered appealing variation throughout the entirety of the product. For this project, the booklet graphic design was of utmost importance in conveying essential information about the brand. Our booklet design utilized heavy amounts of graphics in conjunction with the text in order to communicate the content as plainly as possible. Clear visual elements assist in explaining the written text in order to be most effective. Our innovative concept for Brillanz infused these graphic elements seamlessly throughout the entire booklet design. Rather than attempt to astound the potential audience for overwhelming design elements, we kept our inspirations simple and professional, in order to suit the company’s brand image. Brillanz is a brand that is serious and well-respected; therefore, our booklet design had to reflect that same sentiment. The custom concept for Brillanz, therefore, relied upon classic and understated elements that suited the company best. Brillanz’s booklet design utilized clear structure, engaging graphics, and an overall sense of cohesion between the pages in order to develop a final product custom-made for the company.
Find Out About No.1 Booklet Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics