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Car Wrap Design

  • Company:Seamless Choice Siding LLC
  • Location:USA, Washington
  • Service:Car wrap design
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Seamless Choice brought a unique challenge to Stan Agency that would help with its advertising. The company works on windows, gutters, and siding. However, the business needed a wrap design for company vans, cars, and trucks so that driving around got the company more exposure. Stan Agency put our top-rated design team on it.

Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Attention-grabbing and memorability needs
  • Conveying the message

Industry Research

Billboard design varies from country to country, so we dug into the industry in the USA. There, billboards are common. There are few rules or trends. This provided an opportunity in design since we did not need to worry about following market trends. There was no need to get the banner design approved.

Audience Research

When we looked at the audience, we considered Seamless Choice’s audience members. That meant homeowners and proprietors. This said that the demographics would skew a little older. This group tends to favor more traditional designs. We also looked into the company’s home city to see other demographics so we could better appeal to them.

Research as a Custom Car Wrap Firm

Car, truck, and van wrap design requires significantly different considerations than packaging or graphic design. We researched the vehicles Seamless Choice uses extensively and did the vehicle wrap design based on those specifications. This process involved locating several mock-ups. That way, we could test each model for design continuity issues.

Bonus Challenge

The challenge was creating a design that was both attention-grabbing and memorable. These car wraps would be driving around the city. The audience is unlikely to pull over and scribble the name down. However, it could not be too outrageous. People would then discard the idea of calling when their home needed repairs.

Brand Symbology

Seamless Choice has a neat brand that’s well established. We decided that we could use the patriotic red, white, and blue coloration from the company’s logo. This helped evoke the local company feel in the USA. It also made the final car wrap design more recognizable when people looked it up later.

Design Inspiration

The company’s brand provided most of the color inspiration. We were also inspired by both the honest and service-minded part of the company culture. From those, we drew on designs that convey those traits. The team also had several diverse sources of inspiration when they completed their individual car wrap designs.

Element Decisions

We decided to employ geometric elements on the car wrap designs. These elements fit with the company brand. Additionally, the geometric design fits in with Seamless Choice’s overall business model. Curved lines and gentle shapes do not fit with the hard work of keeping a home in good working order.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The car wrap design team came up with several sets of unique concepts. We began eliminating plans that would be difficult or expensive to print. Then we moved into considering which designs best represented the idea of Seamless Choice as a company. The resulting designs matched the company perfectly.


The Seamless Choice team loved the results and put the car, van, and truck wrap designs into production immediately. Within a few weeks, the company’s fleet was sporting the new car wrap designs around the city. Seamless Choice let Stan Agency know that the company had received more calls since the implementation than ever before.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom car wrap design
  • One complete custom truck wrap design
  • One complete custom van wrap design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The completed designs featured Seamless Choice’s logo on the front and sides. The sides also contained contact information. Then the space was filled with geometric lines and color blocks. We felt those elements drew the eye. We look forward to assisting Seamless Choice again on its next advertising project.
Find Out About No1 Car Wrap Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics