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Custom T-Shirt Design


Ray Roman is a well-known cinematography company, and the owner decided the company needed new professional appeal for the team. Stan Agency accepted the challenge and began digging into the wedding cinematography industry so we could produce an awesome new custom t-shirt design the company could use for years to come.

Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Maintaining a recognizable yet professional appearance
  • Usable on multiple products

Audience Research

Our first step was researching the audience who would be viewing the company t-shirt designs. It was actually the wedding cinematography clients we needed to focus on, not the team. Since Ray Roman is a highly sought-after company, we knew the custom t-shirt design needed sophistication, so the clients were not disappointed.

T-Shirt Research as a Custom Design Firm

Many companies now offer to design your own t-shirt options, so we had many options to draw from. We examined the market in the USA for specific trends in the wedding industry, as well as a team capable to design your own t-shirt design. From there, we also looked at how other companies handled the employee dress code for various events.

Bonus Challenge

The major challenge with this project was striking a balance. We wanted to present Ray Roman with a recognizable design and fit with the overall company branding while still maintaining design suitable for a wedding. We found that going a little too far one way or the other completely changed how the t-shirt looked.

Design Inspiration

We drew a lot of inspiration from the wedding industry, and precisely, the historic locations many weddings are held. The old-world feel of elegance many bridesmaids want for their wedding day, the traditional wedding decorations, and even the classic invitations inspired us as we were working on this design.

Element Decisions

From the beginning, we knew we needed a sophisticated and unique design for these company t-shirts. We decided to stick to classic elements as a team. That included fonts, monograms, and which shapes could appear on the design. The team used the decision to produce some innovative clothing designs.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The design team produced several phenomenal concepts for this project. At the meeting to narrow down the designs, we began by considering the Ray Roman brand. Then we compared the ideas that were left against each other to determine if they met the uniqueness of the project required in a custom t-shirt design.


Ray Roman’s decisionmakers liked the design, as did the team. The company pushed the design into production and had the first product load into its staff’s hands in under a month. Ray Roman shared some customer feedback regarding how professional the shirts looked and how pleased customers were with the team matching.

Additionally, Ray Roman decided to incorporate the company t-shirt design onto other useful products. The design went on coffee containers, ballcaps, and more items. The team then carried these items to meetings, out scouting locations, and even to wedding day setup. This instant recognition helped the company deliver on its professional promise.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom t-shirt design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final design featured several classic elements spaced perfectly for a memorable custom t-shirt design. We used a classic monogram design to compliment the traditional font look. This was then surrounded by accent lines to draw the viewer’s eye. We look forward to working with Ray Roman again in the future on its design needs. Maybe in the future it would help you to help you to design your own t-shirt.
Find Out About No.1 T-Shirt Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics
Find Out About No.1 T-Shirt Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics