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Brochure Design


Zilatti brought an interesting brochure design problem to Stan Agency. The company makes high-end home products and needed a new informational brochure for its garden leaf incense set. Zilatti needed innovative brochure designs that fit well with the company’s existing branding while still striking consumers as memorable.

Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Creating a unique experience
  • Including all necessary instructions

Industry Research

In order to design an amazing brochure, we began by researching the incense industry, particularly in the USA. The industry has expanded in recent years to the point where incense is no longer a religious novelty item. This indicated that we needed something extraordinary in our brochure design to increase customer awareness.

Audience Research

The audience for incense sets was also essential. While Zilatti produces unisex products, we still needed to include the fact that incense is most often bought by women in the design. Our brochure design needed some form of appeal for women. We knew the team needed to include some organic elements in the brochure design as well.

Product Brochure Research as a Custom Design Firm

Next was specific research into the brochure and pamphlet design industry where it intersects with the home goods sector. Examining this sector helped us identify trends in design style, color, and motif. These, in turn, informed some of our element decisions as we wanted to create a unique product brochure design that stood out.

Bonus Challenge

The added challenge with this design was creating a unique experience for the consumers. The garden leaf incense kit is unique on its own; however, the brochure design becomes part of the brand story. We needed that experience to help Zilatti gain repeat customers who loved the products inside.

Design Inspiration

We drew design inspiration from several places, including the Zilatti logo and brand. We also drew heavily on the nature theme since the product involved leaves. We decided to actively avoid any spiritual implications though. Combining all of this inspiration into a single design took work.

Element Decisions

We decided to take a geometric inspiration from the company logo. We also knew we wanted to focus on nature, so leaves, stars, and other symbology were appropriate. However, we were still intent on creating an awesome brochure design, so we ended up considering all of the alternatives to the dusty trifold brochure design too.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The Stan Agency design team produced several outstanding concepts. When choosing a final design, first, we considered which concepts were closest to the Zilatti brand and product. Then we examined which were the most innovative. Then we looked at practical issues, such as the cost of manufacturing the brochure design.


The final brochure design was well-liked by Zilatti leadership. The company was able to put the graphic brochure design into production quickly. Then it was packaged with the garden leaf incense set and put to consumers. The feedback Zilatti shared on the brochure design was positive, with several compliments on the innovative design.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom brochure design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final brochure design began with a unique geometric shape for the brochure itself. Then we overlaid simple black and white, using leaf accents in some places to tie the brochure design to the product. We used a stunning gold photo of the Milky Way to round out the design and add a pop of color. We look forward to working with Zilatti again as the company releases new products.
Find Out About No1 Brochure Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics