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Graphic Sticker Design


Bikeroo required promotional material for their bike saddle product that both conveyed crucial information and captured attention in an innovative manner. Our design your own sticker product for Bikeroo had to be sleek, stylish, and high-quality, similar to the Bikeroo product itself. Riding a bike is a physical journey, capable of taking you to any number of unknown places.
Therefore, our custom sticker design to promote the bike saddle had to be as exciting and motivating as biking itself.

Bonus challenge

Our challenge for Bikeroo has to create custom design stickers that appealed to bikers of both genders in a manner evocative of the joy of riding a bike.


Bikeroo focuses seriously on high-quality biking supplies; therefore, in our custom sticker design, we prioritized highlighting the physical parts and pieces of the bikes themselves. Our custom sticker design for Bikeroo combined two powerful visual elements to effectively capture the attention of a potential audience; a unique shape and powerful graphics.
Additionally, we preemptively recognized the need to market differently towards men and women, creating a custom design sticker custom-tailored to both genders.

Customizing project

By offering a design your own sticker package at Stan Agency, we allow for ultimate customizability to all of our clients. Creating a project that is as innovative as it is attention-grabbing is essential in our design process. The graphic design created for Bikeroo combined bold images with a unique shape, similar to the product itself.

Marketing techniques and creative elements

Stan Agency provides innovative, custom designs to all of our clients. Similarly, our custom sticker design for Bikeroo utilizes unique marketing techniques and creative elements in order to create a satisfying final product. This custom sticker design can be applied in a variety of places to promote the Bikeroo product. It’s colorful, bold graphics easily stand out and grab attention.

Coloring process

We separated gender by visually coding the difference. Our stickers for men were a muted plum color, masculine yet not aggressively so; for women, we decided upon an energetic blood orange citrus color that was bold yet faded into softer coral hues. These colors allowed for a differentiation to be made in marketing without relying on hackneyed tropes of assigning a color to gender. Rather, our color choices were refreshing and appealing to the senses.

The shape and applicability

The shape and applicability of the custom sticker design were also carefully selected. To begin with, rather than merely create a sticker, we offered a design your own bumper sticker option that was perfectly suited to Bikeroo’s target audience. A sticker, when applied to a car’s bumper, could easily access other potential customers who would be biking and sharing the road with cars. Additionally, the bumper sticker is triangular, making it a distinctive and memorable shape compared to the typical bumper sticker design. The shape reflects that of a bike seat, an excellent and deliberate choice considering the product.


Overall, the final result of our design process was a sleek and attention-grabbing custom sticker design that accurately targeted the Bikeroo customer base.
Find Out About No.1 Sticker Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics