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Pattern Design


American Homestead brought Stan Agency an interesting custom order. The company works with patterns from cross stitch to quilt. The line needed new designs for its spring release. For this particular release, the company chose a bird and flower theme. We immediately jumped into creating unique options for American Homestead’s customers.

Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Time-intensity
  • Avoiding previously completed patterns

Industry Research

Our first step was diving into the fiber arts industry. We looked at everything from design your own cross stitch patterns to design your own fabric pattern. The industry itself is a diverse mix of traditional and innovative. We even found sites to design your own camo, pumpkin, and tile patterns in our search.

Audience Research

Fabric is typically something women invest in rather than men. This fact is true for most fiber arts. Therefore, we examined women’s buying preferences when it came to patterns before beginning the project design phase. We found that the age group American Homestead selected tended towards more traditional patterns. We decided to examine that.

Pattern Research as a Custom Design Firm

Once we knew about the industry and audience, it was time to investigate the patterns themselves. The team ended up returning to this phase a few times since we wanted something unique. We found how many distinct types of design your own fabric pattern operations were available as well.

Bonus Challenge

The challenge with this order was finding something unique in a well-saturated market. With so many design your own quilt pattern, fabric pattern, cross stitch pattern, and more, convincing people to buy premade patterns can be difficult. Advertising one successfully in such a saturated market is also a challenge.

Design Inspiration

Our design was guided by American Homestead’s initial order request. We spent a significant amount of time examining spring blooming flowers for this pattern. We also looked into birds that migrate during that period. We also examined the most successful floral fabric patterns for hints about creating a successful pattern layout.

Element Decisions

The spring theme limited our possible selection of flowers and birds significantly. We decided to stick to recognizable species that appear in large areas of the USA. From there, we let each designer take a design your own fabric pattern approach so as not to limit their creativity too much.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The Stan Agency team produced several innovative designs your own pattern concepts. We began by examining the ideas against the principles of fabric design. Then we moved into looking at uniqueness on the market. From there, we used the American Homestead brand guidelines to achieve a decision on the best design your own fabric team submission.


The fabric pattern delighted the American Homestead decision team. The fabric designs were immediately added to the production line. Once American Homestead received its spring orders, it reached back to Stan Agency with the great news that our fabric design had been among its most popular products.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • Four unique fabric pattern designs
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final designs used a few distinct species of flowers, most of which can bloom pink. We arranged these flowers into a lovely pattern with plenty of white space. Then we added the birds to complete the design. We look forward to working with American Homestead again on new products for the coming seasons.
Find Out About No.1 Pattern Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics