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Advertisement Design


Dreamy brought Stan Agency a unique challenge. The company needed new advertisements for its disposable earplugs. Since we worked on the initial product packaging design as well, Stan Agency enjoyed the opportunity to support Dreamy’s growth again. We began digging into the necessary components of this advertisement design project.

Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Limited customer base
  • Niche applications

Industry Research

We examined the state of the earplug industry in general first. We found that earplugs are currently a popular sleep solution, though white noise was more popular. There have been some pushes towards reusable earplugs, but not enough to push out hybrids like Dreamy. We also found that people are still getting less sleep than they need.

Audience Research

The audience is a critical component of ad design, so we set out identifying the one for Dreamy now that the company had customer data. We found that Dreamy drew a slightly younger audience than the average earplug, which was surprising. With this information, we were better able to tailor our advertisement design.

Advertisement Research as a Custom Design Firm

As researched for this custom advertisement design progressed, we also examined how other companies were advertising their earplugs. This research provided a solid basis for which ad designs we wanted to embrace and which were so overused the plans were tired. Using this information, we created a unique advertisement design.

Bonus Challenge

The particular challenge with this product is its limited customer base. People are more reluctant to place items in their ears than they are to try other sleep solutions like white noise machines. This meant the advertisement design needed to address this consideration and convey enough appeal to overcome this reluctance.

Design Inspiration

Our advertisement design inspiration came from what the earplugs offer for the most part. Earplugs provide rest at night and peaceful sleep free of disturbance, therefore, we used a night theme. However, we decided to make it unconventional in appearance so that the ad design stood out. This inspiration served us well throughout the ad concept drafting process.

Element Decisions

The significant element decisions came down to representing the night theme without using overdone concepts. This lead us to consider custom elements for the advertisement design. We decided to turn the design team loose to find night sky elements that popped off the page. We also left the consideration for shapes to the designers as well

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The advertisement design team delivered several amazing concepts for this order. We began by considering Dreamy’s existing brand guidelines. Then we moved into the overall feel of the ad design concepts and their uniqueness. Lastly, we performed a side by side examination, just as if the advertisements popped up on a billboard.


The result was an advertising design that helped Dreamy reach its quarterly goals. Once the advertisement design was approved, Dreamy began ordering the printing. The ad design immediately went into the company’s social media campaigns while simultaneously entering the mailing plan as well. All this lead to sales increases.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom advertisement design
  • One creative custom trial package design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final design featured an eye-catching three-color design using two purples and a yellow. The most innovative piece, though, was the moon one of the designers created that sells the whole advertisement design. The advertisement design perfectly complemented the free trial packaging. We look forward to working with Dreamy again on the company’s advertisement designs.
Check Out No. 1 Advertising Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics