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  • Company:Zilatti
  • Location:USA, CA
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Home Furnishing
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Zilatti approached us to create their premium package design, an amazing opportunity! They wanted to sell their latest product, but needed expertise to create and market the premium box design. Zilatti's product was a golden incense holder designed to look like a leaf and snail.

Concept of premium package design

It was an unusual concept and we knew we needed to produce an innovative design to capture its essence. They wanted a high quality, classy premium package design with a simple, elegant appearance. They needed a memorable brand logo. We discussed their vision: they decided on a unique box, but beyond that, it was our professional, creative judgment.


Our team analyzed their product – the gold leaf was light, delicate, and looked expensive. We knew their target audience was customers wanting something beautiful, practical, and high quality. Inspired by the long leaf shape, we chose an elegant rectangular box, similar to an expensive jewerly case.

Color scheme

A color scheme needed a stylish, classic feel; we chose a repeating black and white leaf design incorporating the leaf incense holder into the packaging. A bold black block was centered against the leaf pattern, capturing the eye and creating space for the logo. We used more black blocking to create a symmetry and visual interest.


For Zilatti's logo, we decided on a straight letter Z with a small leaf image on either side to continue with the leaf theme. Our lettering was capital, centered, and bold, and we used blank space to draw attention to the slogan.


When we presented the final project design to Zilatti, they were thrilled with the elegance of the design. The unique packaging stands out from other similar products on Amazon and is appealing, beautiful and really premium.
ZILATTI Packaging