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  • Location:USA, NM
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Animal & Pet
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Side by Side presented an intriguing pouch packaging design order. The company creates pet food. It needed a new pouch packaging design for its rabbit medallions option, with the possibility of redesigning the whole line. We accepted the project eagerly.
Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Dog specific elements
  • Dog owner protectiveness

Audience Research

We began by examining which dog owners were likely to choose Side by Side. We discovered that the demographics tended towards women with only one dog. We incorporated that when selecting elements for our pouch packaging design.

Research as a Custom Pouch Packaging Design Firm

We also examined the pet food industry. Dog food comes in a wide variety of examples, so we narrowed it to boutique dog food products. This competitor research greatly informed our pouch packaging design.

Bonus Challenge

The added challenge with the pouch packaging design project involved the saturated market. Companies create dog food often and frequently rebrand. This issue makes standing out on a shelf difficult. Often, competitors in the USA resort to outlandish schemes simply for business. That made our pouch packaging design more vital.

Design Inspiration

The pouch packaging design color inspiration was the Side by Side branding. We wanted a sophisticated design that suited the brand as well. The pouch packaging design offered a unique canvas.

Element Decisions

Pawprints were the obvious choice for a dog food pouch packaging design. However, we wanted original concepts. We also wanted elements that conveyed care. We let the team decide on placement and abstraction level.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The Stan Agency team returned several amazing pouch packaging design concepts. We began by comparing the packaging to the Side by Side branding. Then we combined two of the best pouch packaging design ideas to create an awesome completed design.


The Side by Side representative loved the design. The company was able to immediately begin pouch packaging design production. Side by Side recently emailed Stan Agency its appreciation and positive customer feedback on the pouch packaging design.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom pouch packaging design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
In the completed pouch packaging design, we incorporated pawprints and Side by Side’s branded colors heavily. We included a product window to reassure consumers. The pouch packaging design also had some abstract decorative elements. We look forward to working with Side by Side in the future.
SIDE BY SIDE Packaging
SIDE BY SIDE Packaging
SIDE BY SIDE Packaging
SIDE BY SIDE Packaging