Orthofortin Product line Orthofortin Product line Orthofortin Product line

brand mission

Rthofortin delivers optimized supplements perfect for helping people be their best selves and achieving their goals. Using specialty formulations and extensive testing, Rthofortin offers supplements that change lives. Finding an effective supplement to achieve the desired goal in a complex world should not be challenging.

Brand story

Rthofortin began in a pharmacy staring at all the options on the shelf that didn't perform as promised. The Rthofortin team decided to make a change and create truly effective supplements for various purposes. Now that Rthofortin is on the market, the company continues to expand as customers see the results they want.

brand values

Rthofortin exercises transparency, honesty, vibrancy, and joy throughout its operations. These values translated into the company's packaging, customer experience, work culture, and more to help people achieve their goals through supplements.


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Brand Voice

Rthofortin addresses customers from an informative position with a vibrant voice that takes joy in life. This bright brand voice helps the company deliver information about supplements without becoming bogged down in the details.

Conveying this through packaging design offered a unique challenge. By choosing clean designs and bright colors, Rthofortin stands out on the shelf and in images used for advertising, no matter which package is used.

Brand Identity

Rthofortin ensured that the brand was vibrant and recognizable through bright colors. The strategic use of colors that match the products’ intended use ensures buyers know what each is without having to read the label. This type of shelf appeal is often unique in stores.

The Rthofortin logo was another critical piece for conveying the brand’s values. The earthy element combined with the modern font selection represents the transparency and honesty the company operates with throughout all levels.

Brand Targeting

Rthofortin targets people of middling age with its brand. This demographic often seeks new things to use for their health and to support their lifestyles. Rthofortin delivers a variety of formulas to do just that.

As a brand, Rthofortin tends to skew slightly feminine in its targeting. The bright colors and vibrant voice tend to appeal more to female consumers, though the brand does not exclusively target them during marketing campaigns. Additionally, while Rthofortin offers many unisex products, it also offers more female-specific ones than male options.

Rthofortin also targets people who are active or trying to be. The supplements support what this segment of the population is aiming for, improving customers’ perception. Plus, Rthofortin employs a targeted advertising campaign to achieve this.

Brand Positioning

Rthofortin is positioned in the middle of the local supplement price range. This positioning affords some flexibility in who the brand position appeals to. However, the average consumer sees the product as an affordable luxury generally available to them.

Rthofortin also aims to differentiate itself in the supplement market. The product packaging does a significant amount of the work in the store, but the brand also uses social media and its website to allow it to stand out when consumers compare products.