NKD Living Product line NKD Living Product line NKD Living Product line NKD Living Product line

brand mission

NDK Living makes keto living more accessible through amazing products that help customers stay on track with their health goals. NDK Living products are easy to use and easily fit the keto guidelines. NDK Living believes keto should be easy and straightforward!

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Brand story

NDK Living sprung from the mind of a single keto advocate who helps people get on track. He noticed that many of the products necessary for successful keto simply weren’t widely available and set up a plan to change that. NDK Living ensures everyone can find good keto products.

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brand values

NDK Living operates with the brand values of transparency, health, capability, and personal development. These values help the company deliver exceptional products aligned with the NDK principles.

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Brand Differentiation

NDK Living differentiates itself from competitive keto products and brands based on the quality of its products and the cleanliness of its brand. NDK Living actively invests in creating the best keto products without additives that can damage the results customers work for.

Towards that end, everything about NDK Living reflects the cleanliness and transparency involved with the products. That includes the brand packaging for the unique line of keto options and supplements.

Brand Voice

NDK Living uses a friendly voice that is knowledgeable about keto and the struggles of sticking to the NDK keto plan when temptation is everywhere. This kind, understanding approach makes clean products more accessible to a broader audience.

NDK Living uses a mix of inspiration and real talk when it addresses the general public through options like social media. This choice, combined with the brand voice, humanizes the brand and attracts new customers.

Brand Identity

NDK Living relies on a straightforward, clean brand, so the packaging designs it uses need to match. The white with contrasting green accents presented that image without straying into the stereotypical keto packaging.

As NDK is a wraparound keto option, the brand does include other colors and alternate designs for everything from syrup to ketone test strips. NDK’s identity in those cases is the logo and the background colors.

Brand Targeting

NDK Living targets those currently embracing keto and those considering the change. NDK Living supports a specific variety of keto, and people already adhering to keto may switch to improve their results from following a keto lifestyle.

NDK living is unisex in its targeting, though it does see slightly more sales from women due to the focus on female weight loss in general society. By taking a unisex approach and targeting anyone serious about their health goals, NDK Living gains new customers readily.

Brand Positioning

NDK Living is positioned as a specialty product supplier that makes items fitting the NDK keto plan accessible. This position is an affordable option for consumers who want to meet their health goals using the keto structure.

NDK Living also positions itself in the clean segment of the health market. The company delivers high transparency and specialty processing to help people meet their goals. The end result is a unique position.