Motivated Mindset Product line Motivated Mindset Product line Motivated Mindset Product line

brand mission

Motivated Mindset helps athletes achieve peak performance through various supplements that give the body what it needs to support big dreams. Motivated Mindset supplies what the body needs so customers can meet their goals. Training is where dreams meet reality.

Brand story

Motivated Mindset was started by a pair of entrepreneurs who noticed the supplements they took weren’t helping as they should. After considerable research, the pair decided rather than trying to find the perfect supplement; they should make it. Thus, a new brand of supplements was born.

Product Lines

brand values

Motivated Mindset operates on integrity, fitness, innovation, and competition principles. These values drive the company’s rapid expansion into various supplement niches to support athletes who follow distinct regimes. Finally, supplements for every plan.

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Brand Differentiation

Motivated Mindset incorporates professional, high-quality supplements as part of a healthy training and performance regime. While many agencies and brands attempt to do so, they lack the cohesiveness Motivated Mindset offers.

Brand Voice

Motivated Mindset’s brand voice speaks with authority and aims to reach athletes who are ready to push their bodies. To do so, the brand uses an active voice similar to the people it wants to reach and uses a passion for training to achieve peak performance.

Motivated Mindset uses athletic images, videos, and captions when using the brand voice. Additionally, the brand is open about the challenges of becoming a top athlete, which fosters a sense of community.

Packaging Elements


Motivated Mindset uses a variety of attention-grabbing colors to set it apart on the shelf. These colors, while vibrant, generally sick to a non-traditional palette to better represent the uniqueness of the product to browsing customers.


Motivated Mindset uses a minimalist branding scheme based on the abbreviation for the company, MM. The M motif appears across all of the packagings, tying the products together even though each uses different colors.


Motivated Mindset uses two sans serif fonts throughout its packaging designs. This consistency helps the overall branded feel of the packaging and gives the company flexibility. The straightforward fonts also appeal to athletes who want to know exactly what they’re getting.


While Motivated Mindset offers products in everything from bags to medicine jars, each features the same hard angles of an M on the packaging design. This consistent, minimalist format creates a specific appeal to the products.

Brand Targeting

Motivated Mindset targets athletes who are ready to take their training to the next level. Motivated Mindset aims for serious athletes who may or may not have tried to supplement their workouts before and is open to skeptical athletes.

Motivated Mindset targets male athletes more so than female ones. This ratio is because the straightforward approach and branding tend to favor male athletes, and the marketing base is there due to the founding team being primarily male.

Brand Positioning

Motivated Mindset is an upper-scale supplement option due to its ingredients and supply chain. While the products are still affordable to many, Motivated Mindset positions itself for dedicated athletes.