Melanin United Cosmetics Product line Melanin United Cosmetics Product line Melanin United Cosmetics Product line

brand mission

Melanin United Cosmetics embraces all skin tones and textures in its cosmetics line, so every customer feels beautiful. Inclusive beauty should be accessible and easy to find, so Melanin United Cosmetics delivers.

Brand story

Melanin United Cosmetics began from the founder’s experience trying to find products that matched her skin tone. The company formed as she developed formulations and color palettes that worked with her skin tone.

brand values

Melanin United Cosmetics operates with integrity, equity, compassion, and wonder. The values help shape the cosmetics brand into an inclusive space for everyone who wears makeup, regardless of skin tone.


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Brand Differentiation

Melanin United Cosmetics supplies cosmetics for people of all skin tones, not simply traditional ones. The company is also openly inclusive, which is something many modern consumers search out in the larger market.

Brand Voice

Melanin United Cosmetics uses a feminine, fun brand voice across its platform. This voice is highly attractive to younger consumers and differentiates the brand in the crowded makeup niche. Plus, the more youthful voice tends to be more casual, attracting a broader audience.

The company uses action shots of the products, tutorials, and informational posts to attract potential customers. This combination helps existing customers and new ones feel welcome within the community. 

Packaging Elements


Melanin United Cosmetics uses a natural range of colors that are skin- and earth-tone based. These colors evoke the equity and compassion values for the brand in addition to helping people select the right products for them.


Melanin United Cosmetics opted against using a visual beyond the products themselves. This simplified design evokes minimalism and elegance. Furthermore, since many of the products are quite vibrant and match the colors, the packaging design works beautifully.


Melanin United Cosmetics uses a specialty font for its logo, which appears on all products. The base is a sans serif, but the minor alterations allowed it to become an immediately recognizable and truly unique font.


Melanin United Cosmetics uses a minimalist format that holds the company logo and the required product information. This decision gave the company agency to match the format to various styles of containers used to hold cosmetics.

Brand Targeting

Melanin United Cosmetics targets a primarily female segment of the market. This segment is interested in feeling beautiful every day, no matter where they’re going. The inclusiveness of the brand appeals to this segment.

The brand does have a secondary market in the non-binary segment. The Melanin United Cosmetics community is truly inclusive, and while the brand typically targets females of all demographics, non-binary individuals are also welcome.

Brand Positioning

Melanin United Cosmetics is positioned as affordable makeup for every skin tone and condition. This positioning is backed by the company’s expanding availability and active inclusion within its communities that are underserved in traditional cosmetics.

The brand is truly inclusive, which does more for its position than the price. Consistent messaging and public-facing team members help keep the brand in this position so more people can find Melanin United Cosmetics.