Herbalea Product line Herbalea Product line Herbalea Product line

brand mission

Herbalea delivers exceptional products for people to care for themselves and their pets. The company aims to help people achieve the right balance throughout their day with high-quality products.

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brand values

Herbalea uses brand values of health, integrity, quality, and mindfulness throughout its operations. These values shape every product the Swiss company makes. As Herbalea pushes the boundaries of what products can be, the company finds new options for every consumer.

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Brand Differentiation

Herbalea products are all produced in Switzerland, and ingredients are also sourced from there were possible. The result is a beautiful line of products with high efficacy and safety ratings. This sets the company apart from all of the competition in areas like cooking, pet care, and personal care.

Brand Voice

Herbalea speaks authoritatively and informatively. The breadth of the company’s products requires a firm, consistent voice to include all of its customers, many of whom are very demographically different.

The company recognizes that CBD in many products is not standard within the industry. This choice results in periodic education posts about the benefits of using various products. The informative nature of many of the posts attracts potential customers.

Packaging Elements


Herbalea’s branding package featured primarily darker, more earthy tones that speak to the origins of the various products. This deliberate choice provides a touch of sophistication for the brand and fits brand values like integrity.


Herbalea containers tend to use simple, single images for each product. Sometimes this is the CBD leaf; other times, it is the flavor or scent of the product. This visual simplicity contributes to elevating the brand in the eyes of consumers searching for the best products.


While the Herbalea logo uses a script font, the rest of the labels tend to use a sans serif option for readability. The contrast between the two primary fonts creates visual interest that helps the various bottles and jars stand out.


Herbalea uses a minimalist-inspired approach to the agency-created branded packages. Each format is simple, focusing on colors rather than visuals so that every label is straightforward and attractive to consumers.

Brand Targeting

Herbalea targets several distinct demographics depending on which product is the focus of advertising. For example, the company serves personal care, pet, and dining needs, so the majority focuses on the decision-makers in the grocery stores, women. 

Herbalea’s product selection focuses on a younger demographic overall. While all demographics appreciate quality products, the brand aims for younger consumers who are open to trying new options in their care.

Brand Positioning

Herbalea is on the upper edge of affordable. The company produces high-quality products that are worth the price, so consumers rarely feel they are not getting their money’s worth. This position helps the company meet operational needs.

The company widely distributes within Switzerland and beyond. This mass availability positions the brand as accessible, even though prices are not on the low end of the scale. The massive availability also helps the brand reach a broader base.