• Company:NinjaBatt
  • Location:USA, Florida
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Computer
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Electronics are essential in our everyday lives. We use them to communicate, to build, to connect, and to create. Powering all of these electronic devices is undeniably important yet can be challenging to accommodate and supply all of the widely different devices we use on a daily basis. NinjaBatt tackles this issue with its innovative power station product that is capable of connecting devices of all kinds. This powerhouse of a product is a necessity that consumers of any background worldwide require.

Bonus challenge

Our challenge for NinjaBatt was to develop an attention-grabbing retail packaging design that effectively highlights the benefits and quality of the product for customers living in the digital age.


Our sleek, eye-catching retail packaging design for NinjaBatt carefully utilized modern trends and visual techniques in order to appeal to a wide range of potential consumers. It specifically employed innovative design elements that separated NinjaBatt’s product from those of its competitors. Consumers requiring a single item to power all of their electrical devices can discern NinjaBatt’s strength and professionalism from the first glance at our retail packaging design.


The bold color scheme contrasted white space with vivid hues that immediately attract attention while preserving a professional atmosphere. The richness of the colors creates immediate intrigue and evokes images of strength and power, similar to the strength and power of NinjaBatt’s battery power station. The background is kept minimalist in order to best allow the vibrancy of the graphics and accent colors to shine through.

Essential options

The text is crucial in conveying the multi-use capabilities of the NinjaBatt power station. The product can connect to devices via an AC port, USB ports, and DC ports, among others, offering consumers ease of usage and instant accessibility. Additionally, the huge back-up battery is able to provide a sustained charge to your devices for a longer period of time. Effectively conveying this information via clear and prominently placed text is undeniably important as it motivates consumers to purchase the product.


Our completed packaging design for NinjaBatt’s power station effortlessly highlights the best features of the product using professional design and marketing techniques. It directly appeals to global consumers seeking out the best technology currently available for purchase. Overall, our sleek and bold retail packaging design for NinjaBatt conveys key product information while catching the interest of a wide spectrum of consumers.