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  • Company:Vina Phoenix Company
  • Location:Asia
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Food & Drink
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Pheonix presented an unusual rice packaging custom order. The company needed Stan Agency to create an outstanding rice packaging design for its new chili rice paper. We accepted the challenge and placed our top-rated design team on the project.
Challenge Components
  • Niche market
  • Conveying the uniqueness of the rice paper
  • Foreign language and labeling

Research as a Custom Rice Packaging Design Firm

We investigated the broader rice paper industry first. Then we looked at direct competitors’ packaging designs from Thailand and the USA. The two types were distinct. We decided we wanted to follow a more traditional take on rice packaging.

Bonus Challenge

The added challenge for this packaging design project was innovatively combining the languages. We knew the product was going to multiple markets with varying stances on English. Therefore, we needed the Thai to be easy to read on the rice packaging design.

Design Inspiration

Our primary design inspiration was the Phoenix brand. Phoenix uses fire in its symbology, which is a natural element to incorporate. It also fits with the chili rice paper. We also wanted the final packaging design to showcase the product.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The professional design team turned in several rice paper packaging design concepts. We began by removing those that did not integrate beautifully. Then we examined which rice packaging ideas best embodied Phoenix.


Company representatives loved the rice paper packaging design. Once the chili rice paper packaging hit the market, it was successful. Phoenix even let us know that it exceeded its projections.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom rice packaging design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The completed rice packaging design featured a red background with illustrations. We felt this symbolized the chili well. From there, we added the necessary labeling elements. We look forward to working with Phoenix as the company expands.
PHOENIX Packaging
PHOENIX Packaging
PHOENIX Packaging
PHOENIX Packaging
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