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  • Company: LifeBump
  • Location:USA, Washington
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Art & Design
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When creating art, the right type of tools can truly bring your creative work to life. Having professional art products can completely transform work-in-progresses into finished masterpieces. LifeBump provides unique artistic tools to painters and artists seeking the best products currently on the market. The company, therefore, required a comprehensive packaging design that could communicate that information to customers.

Bonus Challenge

For our packaging design for LifeBump, we needed to immediately convey the high-quality and professionalism of the acyclic paint marker pens to artists seeking new, effective products.


In order to directly target LifeBump’s potential customer base, we utilized a variety of design trends and industry knowledge in order to create a professional, black packaging design. The bold depth of using black as the primary color in the packaging elevated the appearance of the product, signaling the superior quality of the acrylic paint pens inside. As LifeBump produces items that can completely elevate art, it was essential that artists who took the quality of their work were attracted to the packaging.

Kept graphics for black packaging design

Our black packaging design for LifeBump was minimalist yet eye-catching. The simplicity of the packaging allowed for the finer details of the product to be noticed. Graphics were kept simple whereas the text grabbed attention. With just one look, artists are able to understand the high-quality of the LifeBump products.


Overall, we expertly developed a sleek, black packaging design for LifeBump that appealed to its creative target audience.
LIFEBUMP Packaging
LIFEBUMP Packaging
LIFEBUMP Packaging