• Company:Organic Wise
  • Location:USA, NY
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Food & Drink
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Expanding a Niche to the Mainstream

When Organic Wise, a USA-based natural food distributor, decided to start selling moringa powder, a nutrient-rich health food popular in India and other Asian nations, most American consumers had never heard of it. But since it was part of a larger line of products that included more familiar names like cinnamon, dried elderberries, and turmeric root, they believed that with the right branding, they could entice curious customers to give it a try.

The idea was simple: Hook consumers with organic, all-natural products they already love and use. Let the high-quality, creative elderberry and cinnamon packaging design build confidence in the brand. So, when those consumers who’ve already purchased a familiar product see the less common ones, they trust the brand enough to try it.

When Organic Wise contacted Stan Agency, they informed us of their strategy and asked for custom powder packaging design that would be practical for shipping and customer use, while communicating their core belief in natural and organic food sources.


Discovering a New Approach

As with all our clients, we begin the packaging design process with a comprehensive analysis of niche trends and competitor companies. We compare products, noting price and order volume differences when available. Then, we use the gathered information, along with inspiration from Organic Wise, to develop a brief, consisting of unique ideas and concepts.

Crafting a Package Design that Sells

After combing through several unique, professional package examples that met the core specifications mentioned above, we settled on the pictured powder packaging design.

How we did it…
  • Earth tones were used on all product packaging, including browns, yellows, oranges, greens, and deep blues. These colors are associated in consumers’ minds with natural, organic foods.
  • High-resolution photographs of the products were used to remove the mystery of any unfamiliar foods, including moringa powder.
  • Along with the Organic Wise logo, five other seals were added to the package, stressing the product’s organic, all-natural, non-GMO bona fides.
  • The powder packaging design took advantage of an innovative resealable bag format, lowering shipping cost, making consumption convenient, and simplifying consumers’ ability to recycle the package.
In short, we crafted an amazing powder packaging design that clearly communicates Organic Wise’s values, makes use of a convenient format, and builds brand cohesion across a range of products. Since launching this line, Organic Wise has seen market share increase for common and less-familiar items.