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A USA-based client came to us, Stan Agency, with a product that had been a hit with focus groups but had struggled to stand out in the crowded snack aisle of local grocery stores.

Talia, A Quality Product No One Knew…

Rather than choosing Talia, most customers were opting for more familiar foods like potato chips and beef jerky. Our client was left wondering, “How do you get people to try a unique snack they’d love but is too unknown?”

The Real Problem: A Lack of Creative, Innovative Snacks Package Design

In reality, our client’s branding and snack packaging design was generic and uninteresting. It didn’t offer potential customers a reason to try it. Instead, when set next to more snack foods from more popular companies, our client’s product simply faded into the background. There was no inspiration and most people likely never even noticed it. Our goal was to take a generic snacks package design and make it pop with a new, custom concept. We would need to highlight product’s qualities most likely to connect with consumers while offering an appetizing vision of a food many had never tasted.
As a result, we prioritized these tasks…
  • Analyzing the broader USA snack industry, determining the leading companies, and examining their product and brand concepts.
  • Evaluating the target product’s unique selling proposition and crafting a brief that summarizes the ideas most likely to increase orders and sales.
  • Developing innovative, creative snack food packaging designs that communicate the target product’s USP while attracting new consumers. Offering those examples to the client as potential choices.
  • Accomplishing all the above in the most cost-effective, professional manner possible.


From Bland to Amazing

Our first task was crafting a snacks package design that stood out from the competition. We used the most advanced research on how design and color choice impact consumers to select bold, contrasting colors that draw the eye while communicating warmth and comfort.
We used a well-lit, detailed photograph of the product that puts it front and center while making it as appealing as possible. This is particularly important for a product like chick-pea snacks that has less cultural awareness and is often higher in price.
Fusing Form and Function
Finally, we packed it all in a resealable bag that makes it convenient for consumers to snack on over the course of several days instead of having to eat it all at once or look for a tie that will keep it fresh until next time.
This fusion of bold visuals and practical design has been at the heart of our client’s recent increased sales and brand awareness.
TALIA Packaging
TALIA Packaging
TALIA Packaging