• Company:Africare Holdings
  • Location:USA, NY
  • Service:Packaging design
  • Category:Childcare
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An excess of plastic is everywhere in the modern world of a consumer — in grocery stores, delivery orders, household objects, and more. Eco-friendly, conscientious shoppers all around the globe are desperate to search for sustainable products that support the environment around them.
It no longer is enough for a product to be functional and well-packaged — the item must be environmentally unobtrusive. Africare Holdings’ product Beeswax offers customers a natural alternative to plastic produced from beeswax, and required a packaging design that was as appealing and sustainable as the product itself.

Our challenge was to develop a creative and eye-catching label design for Africare Holdings that showcases the product’s best features and captures the attention of the eco-conscious target audience.


The label design we created for Africare Holdings is bold, creative, and accurately conveys essential information about the beeswax product. The physical appearance is influenced by an African label design style that suits the environmentally conscious, primarily African target audience.
The highlight of our label design was on showcasing the eco-friendly features of the product, a result achieved through careful usage of graphics, font, and color scheme.

In order to specifically target customers deliberately seeking sustainable products in efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment, our professional label design for Africare Holdings utilized natural imagery and soothing, unobtrusive visual elements. While the colors and boldness of the African label design style catch attention, emphasis is placed upon the eco-friendly features of the beeswax product. Light, readable text easily explains key product information to a potential customer.

Additionally, the label design we created carefully uses current market trends for green products in order to attract the attention of consumers. Rather than try to appeal to a broad market, our label design is intended for customers seeking green products; therefore, the label design draws inspiration from modern trends, yet prioritizes other unique features that elevate the product’s label above comparable labels from competitors.

Overall, the bold, sustainable label design for Africare Holdings’ beeswax product uses an effective combination of natural elements and bold visual displays in order to best attract the attention of the target audience base.