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brand story

YumEat offer a unique product that required advanced consideration for proper branding design. The company delivers artisan meat cuts to people who love what they eat. It started as a small butcher shop and expanded quickly.

brand identity

YumEat provides high-quality meat products that are no longer widely available. Therefore, a well-established and innovative brand identity assisted in ensuring the luxury feeling of the branding package.

brand values

The brand values of quality, perfection, and taste all played into the creative brand design process.

brand mission

YumEat aims to reconnect people with what food could be rather than food as it is. This inspiration inspired the unique twist on the company’s logo design.

Stan Branding Design Agency

Brand Values

Quality – YumEat refuses to compromise on the quality of meat products, serving only the best organic meat.

Perfection – From butchering to consumption, YumEat aims for perfection at every step in the process so consumers can enjoy the meat.

Taste – YumEat delivers uncompromising tastes of what meat can be when it’s treated properly to every customer.

Brand Vision

YumEat envisions a return to what meat was that’s available for everyone rather than a select few. YumEat moves towards this goal with every package sold.

Brand Voice

YumEat speaks with a cultivated, down-to-earth approach. The company’s current customer base has a desire for the organic meats YumEat produces but does not respond well to elitist approaches commonly surrounding such products.

By taking the down-to-earth approach, YumEat can speak from a place of education and enjoyment on its meat products. This duality in the brand voice and practice offers a unique space to consumers, which many seek eagerly.

Brand Targeting

YumEat is a U.S. based brand started in Texas. It began serving a local area, which limited the diversity of customers available until the expansion began. Bringing in a branding agency was the next step for targeting different consumers for this unique company.

YumEat currently targets consumers with disposable income who understand why they would want organic meats. The brand also targets curious consumers who may or may not be cautious of how food production has changed in recent decades.

Brand Positioning

YumEat is positioned as a practical alternative to conventional meat without the stigma many vegan options have. The organic nature of the products puts them in the luxury category, even if the rest of the brand does not.

Due to this, YumEat is in a unique position. By incorporating unique elements like the primary logo, Stan Branding Agency was able to set the product apart from the alternatives as it expanded.

Brand Experience

YumEat delivers a unique brand experience in two ways. First, the custom, organic nature of the products is an experience on its own. Organic meats have specific textures and flavors, making the way YumEat does its products unique.

YumEat also offers a specific customer service experience as part of the brand. Many consumers are disconnected from the companies their meat comes from, whereas YumEat is actually very involved when customers have questions or concerns. This care is part of the branded experience and was incorporated as part of the project.