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Shaken or Stirred is a chain of cocktail establishments delivering a high-quality experience, not a product. For this branding design project, sophistication and trends were a vital consideration in this branding design custom order. The colors, font, and graphics all lent an air of sophistication while still being instantly recognizable as a branding design.

Stan Branding Design Agency

Brand Voice

Shaken or Stirred uses an educated voice infused with a fun, almost flirty, tone. This voice speaks well to the upscale client the concept stores attract and the experience the company delivers to each customer.

Brand Identity

Shaken or Stirred is a sophisticated brand built around cocktail lounges. The brand includes both a physical location customers can experience and a selection of products for customers to experience at home. 

Having a consistent brand identity uses purple shades, and a copper accent helps tie all of these elements together into one brand identity. Everything uses those sophisticated colors, from the spaces to the to-go packaging to the menu.

Shaken or Stirred’s branding project included logos, color palettes, space inspiration, and more. The agency pulled together a cohesive, sophisticated look that made the brand unforgettable no matter where it was. 

Brand Promise

Shaken or Stirred offers an escape from the ordinary through a fun cocktail lounge environment that helps people relax.

Shaken or Stirred envisions becoming a global brand that greets people with an experience no matter where they are.

Brand Values

Harmony – Shaken or Stirred creates a harmonious experience for customers and employees throughout operations.

Customer-Centric – Customers come to Shaken or Stirred for an experience, and the company delivers by being customer-centric.

Polish – Shaken or Stirred takes every aspect to the next level of sophistication for a beautiful and comprehensive experience.

Teamwork – Employees are critical to Shaken or Stirred’s success, and the company delivers through exceptional teamwork.

Brand Targeting

Shaken or Stirred targets educated, middle class and above patrons for its cocktail lounges. The sophisticated feel and escape crafted by the company attract people wanting to relax after work and enjoy a relaxed space on the weekend.

Shaken or Stirred aims for patrons with disposable income. Generally, the company also targets a young demographic who might enjoy exploring various cocktail options beyond the standard they can get anywhere.

Brand Position

Shaken or Stirred is positioned as an upscale but not out-of-reach luxury experience. While different from a neighborhood pub, the company operates on a similar premise of being an experience rather than a location.

By positioning itself as an experience, Shaken and Stirred appeals to a younger crowd as somewhere exciting to relax from long days. Plus, the brand’s options for experiencing its products outside of the cocktail lounges appeal to many in light of recent global events and social changes.