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Brand Background

Spice Me uses innovative, advanced methods and technologies to deliver unique spice blends that also carry certifications for several dietary restrictions. The company offers the ultimate food tasting experience concept without staying in the trends.

Brand mission

Spice Me supplies only the freshest and tastiest spices to customers. To Spice Me, these ingredients do not merely transform food taste but also add health benefits. Working this freshness into the branding design concept required creative planning.


Brand identity

Overall, Spice Me needed a comprehensive branding design that spoke to the brand's organic, fresh, and diet-friendly aspects. By keeping the branding design simple, the Spice Me custom order conveyed the high-quality ingredients and fresh brand values for kitchens everywhere.

Brand values

Organic / Natural


Stan Branding Design Agency

Brand Vision

Spice Me envisions a world where high-quality spices are the norm, not the exception, so people can take charge of their own health.

Brand Values

Organic / Natural – The highest quality spices with the biggest benefits for human health are organic, so Spice Me commits to only delivering the best.

Balanced – Every mix Spice Me creates is balanced, just like the process of growing the spices for maximum flavor is.

Professional – Spice Me delivers professional spice blends, customer service, and more to facilitate the spreading of good spices.

Certified – Certifications that match Spice Me values are vital to the company as they prove the value of Spice Me’s work.

Brand Voice

Spice Me uses an outgoing and informative brand voice. This voice style helps the company convey the benefits of each blend while remaining engaging to consumers interested in their personal health. It’s a fantastic combination when employed.

Spice Me also employs assets that match the brand voice. Stan Branding produced a logo, for example, that evokes spices dropping. This illustrative logo shows the outgoing aspect of the brand voice.Β 

Brand Targeting

Spice Me targets consumers of all ages who are concerned about their health. Generally, younger people are slightly more engaged with the brand. However, there are consumers of all ages who understand how food affects their health.

Spice Me targets consumers who have tried a lot of food trends and varied pieces of advice trying to solve their health concerns. As a secondary market, Spice Me also targets people interested in new and unique flavors.

Brand Positioning

As a brand, Spice Me is positioned as accessible to many people. However, depending on the customer, organic spices can be viewed as a luxury. This disparity meant clarifying Spice Me’s brand positioning to reflect its health goals assisted the company immensely.

Spice Me currently has a mix of products that meet various dietary guidelines. This mix also helps consumers find the brand and see its versatility, building loyalty that establishes the brand’s position as accessible.

Brand Experience

Spice Me offers exceptional customer service to ensure satisfaction. The company offers guidance regarding its products in addition to more typical services like product exchanges for maximum benefit.

Spice Me markets its brand as something people can procure to help their health journey. That aspect of the experience is clear at every step of the customer’s journey, from reading the first label though creating the ideal recipe.