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Brand story

Sport Zero began with accessories for serious cyclists. The company took creative design approaches, and cyclists loved the changes. The company also used innovative science to help design more advanced products, moving up to including bicycles. The company now uses its branding design to continue its growth trajectory.


The company aims to provide professional-grade cycling equipment. Towards that end, Sports Zero manufactures and distributes its own equipment to ensure top quality upon arrival.


Sports Zero needed a branding design that spoke to the dedication and innovation that went into each piece of equipment, along with the commitment every customer has to the sport.

brand value

Sports Zero emphasizes quality, dedication, innovation, and creative problem solving within the company and for the products. Using these as part of a branding design required unique inspiration.

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Brand Vision

Sport Zero envisions a world where more people can access the sports they love with proper equipment for a healthy and safe experience.

Brand Values

Quality – Sport Zero focuses on creating quality products optimized for every customer that will last even with vigorous use.

Dedication – Sport Zero embodies dedication, from quality commitment to exceptional staff choices, so customers can thrive.

Innovation – Sport Zero is always searching for the next improvement, whether to equipment, manufacturing, or the company itself.

Creative Problem Solving – Sports require regular problem solving, and cycling is no exception. With Sport Zero, customers have a problem-solving partner.

Brand Voice

Sport Zero speaks as a sports enthusiast and equipment expert. The company understands the needs of its customers, those serious cyclists, and is highly committed to meeting their expectations no matter where they are in the journey.

The Sport Zero brand voice helps the company connect with dedicated cyclists rather than hobbyists or those just starting their journey. With this voice, Sport Zero can better focus on what it does best rather than catering to everyone.

Brand Targeting

Sport Zero focuses on experienced cyclists with several years in the sport and who are likely to compete in events rather than using cycling to simply stay in shape. This target market is geographically and demographically diverse.

By targeting this specific demographic, Sport Zero can focus its efforts better rather than trying to be another general bike manufacturer. Plus, it gives Sport Zero more opportunities to build brand loyalty.

Brand Positioning

Sport Zero is positioned as a store for dedicated individuals, which puts it in the luxury category for many. There are other options, but Sport Zero delivers higher quality products and more assistance to help cyclists hit their goals.

Sport Zero offers practical options, and therefore it’s viewed as more of a resource for the cycling community and less of a shop. By positioning Sport Zero as a resource, there are more opportunities to interact with various customer groups.

Brand Experience

Sport Zero delivers exceptional customer service by employing cycling experts and enthusiasts at every possible turn. In addition, the company uses its agency to create a thriving community of cyclists who all love the products.

Sport Zero also offers some of the best and most cutting-edge technologies for cyclists. The options Sport Zero offers help it deliver superior performance for cyclists on the road, which in turn improves their brand experience.