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brand story

Krav Knife teaches a specific variety of Krav Maga that many studios do not teach. Krav Knife saw the opportunity and took it online, so that everyone can access it, as well as creating the ideal knife. After some speedbumps, the program took off internationally. Krav Knife delivers hundreds of sessions every single day, thanks to the creative persistence of the company.

brand identity

The Krav Knife branding design package covered every aspect of the business for an advanced company package.

Brand values

Krav Knife’s brand values served as an example for this amazing branding design. The dynamic and tactical nature of the Krav Knife program also called for consideration during the brand process rather than personal branding. With this unique custom order for branding design, the final graphics were an inspiration to action.

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Brand Values

Dynamic – Krav Knife is all about adapting and creating dynamic material to match the best practices of the method.

Action – Taking action, whether in a situation or to get training, is a core principle of Krav Knife that carries through every aspect of the company.

Respect – Respect is one of the keys to life. At Krav Knife, employees, teachers, students, and community members are all respected.

Knowledge – Knowledge is power, and people’s knowledge of themselves through exercise, training, and commitment is powerful.

Brand Voice

Krav Knife’s brand voice speaks with authority, encouragement, and wisdom. Combining these three elements ensures that the voice resonates with students, teachers, and employees throughout their training.

Using this brand voice gives Krav Knife agency and power to draw more students. It also helps continue the education of many, as this style is not commonly taught currently. The wisdom element of the brand voice, in particular, is attractive to many potential students.

Brand Promise

Krav Knife teaches people a unique fighting style that helps people achieve fitness goals, master themselves, and prepare for any situation.

Krav Knife envisions a world where everyone understands themselves, begetting no violence or need for the skills taught by Krav Knife.

Brand Targeting

Krav Knife targets people who already have some basic training in Krav Maga. While the company does go over the basics, customers report a foundation in the fighting style is incredibly helpful for the Krav Knife program.

Krav Knife also tends to attract more men than women. The company aims to correct the split, which is why it was included in the custom branding package Krav Knife underwent recently. The shift in branding to a cohesive branded look should help brand targeting achieve more balance.

Brand Positioning

Krav Knife is an accessible option with its digital program. Anyone who wants to can sign up, and the program makes learning this unique fighting style relatively straightforward. However, completing the program to proficiency does require dedication.

Krav Knife is also uniquely positioned as a program since many companies require in-person lessons when teaching a fighting style. This position often appeals to those who do not live near a martial arts studio.

Brand Experience

Krav Knife offers a particular brand experience with ongoing changes and dynamic adjustments. This kind of support often entices people when combined with the straightforward approach from teachers and staff, allowing people to feel like this is a no-nonsense opportunity and company.