01 mission

Brasserie De Senlis delivers quality French craft beer and cider for discerning enthusiasts. To attract customers, the company did a complete branding and packaging design.

02 brand elements

03 brand story

Brasserie De Senlis began as a small company creating artisanal brews and selling using personal branding. As trends shifted towards craft brews, this unique company expanded the product line. The company wanted creative inspiration for the branding design that matched its amazing origins.

04 brand values

Brasserie De Senlis values simplicity and innovation in its business. These values became central to the advanced branding design process.

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Brand Vision

Brasserie De Senlis envisions a world where it’s easy for everyone to relax for an evening or a weekend.

Brand Values

Simplicity – Brasserie De Senlis values simplicity, whether it’s in operations or how the craft beer and cider taste.

Innovation – Looking forward to new techniques and flavors enhances Brasserie De Senlis products and helps them reach more customers.

Tradition – Steeped in the French tradition, Brasserie De Senlis embraces the history of its native country and region to create unique products.

Brand Voice

Brasserie De Senlis speaks in a more formal tone, though the brand is willing to work with customers to answer their questions. It’s also part of the brand voice to encourage people to try new products and flavors.

Brasserie De Senlis incorporates thoughtful content regarding brewing as well as the joy that can be associated with the products. These categories help Brasserie De Senlis deliver consistent content in the brand voice customers love.

Brand Targeting

Brasserie De Senlis produces craft beer and cider, which appeal to a specific audience within the region the products are sold. Customers tend to be male, though the split is more even than many other brands, and they have disposable income.

Brasserie De Senlis is currently in an expansion phase and wants to expand into the older demographics. The more pulled together, custom brand look adds broader appeal to more demographics, and the company plans to adjust further.

Brand Positioning

Brasserie De Senlis operates in a limited geographic area currently. The company is one of several breweries but is uniquely positioned in the craft market due to its procedures and taste that set it apart.

The Brasserie De Senlis brewery brand offers products perceived as luxurious. This position in the market, combined with the availability of the product within the area, has elicited a winning strategy for a growing customer base.

Brand Experience

Brasserie De Senlis offers well-branded items, including within the public areas of its brewery. Glasses, shirts, aprons, and more all add to the customers’ feeling it was a high-value experience to visit the brewery or drink the product that they wish to repeat when they can.

Brasserie De Senlis also offers a relaxing experience whether someone is drinking the products in its brewery or at home. All products offer a refreshing taste and frustration-free packaging to compliment the vibe, no matter where customers consume the craft beer and cider.