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Time, MD | Get Branding Your Business 2021 | Branding Agency Branding
Time, MD | Get Branding Your Business 2021 | Branding Agency Branding
Time, MD | Get Branding Your Business 2021 | Branding Agency Branding
Time, MD | Get Branding Your Business 2021 | Branding Agency Branding
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Brand Voice

Time, M D focuses on an informative, caring, and understanding brand voice. This voice matches up well with the products, which promote hair growth. The brand voice tends to be slightly feminine as well to match the company founder.

The Time, M D brand voice provides information and encouragement that hair can be regrown under most circumstances. The company often uses real-life stories and calming messaging alongside the brand voice.

Brand Identity

Hair regrowth is often a touchy subject for consumers, so the Time, M D brand package focused on project reassurance and calm. The green and gold combination is not only reassuring but also projects authority.

By keeping the design minimalist but a little whimsical, Time, M D comes across as an approachable brand with a solution to something that puzzles people. The logo also incorporates an almost mystic look that helps people gain the courage to try.

Brand Promise

Time, M D helps people regain their day-to-day confidence through professionally formulated hair regrowth products.

Time, M D envisions a world where everyone is confident in how they look, feel, and dress.

Brand Values

Confidence – Time, M D helps people regain their confidence in their appearance through proven hair regrowth formulas.

Compassion – Time, M D acts with compassion to help people suffering from hair loss in all circumstances.

Empowerment – Time, M D products empower people to regain control of their appearance however they deem fit.

Support – Time, M D supports employees and customers in achieving their personal goals, whether they’re personal or professional.

Brand Targeting

Time, M D targets men and women who suffer from premature hair loss. Typically, the demographic skews towards women slightly, but both sexes can use the Time, M D products to help with hair regrowth.

Time, M D does have a secondary market among aging consumers. This market is addressed in the branding through the bold colors and the authority in the brand voice. However, as it is a secondary market, most posts are not specifically aimed at this market.

Brand Positioning

Time, M D is positioned as an accessible resource for those suffering hair loss. While the product pricing and branding put it slightly above average, the idea is that people will want to try this solution due to the belief it will solve the problem of hair loss.

Time, M D offers a professionally researched, doctor-formulated product. This differentiates it from herbal and alternative hair loss cures as well as many other options. This differentiation, combined with strong branding, makes it unique in its market.