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Brand mission

JFBrady Realty is a USA-based real estate company that connects regular people to their dream homes. With this mission, the company needed a unique branding design that stood out in the crowded professional field so that more people could use their services.

brand story

JFBrady Realty started from a single inspiration. The founder started selling real estate by himself and eventually started building up a significant size of office. At the time, the trends showed that the advanced, customer-focused approach was successful.

The company then wanted to move from personal branding to an advanced, creative branding design concept. This concept would help the company gain further market share and remain timeless, which JFBrady Realty used to its advantage. The company has since expanded again, even in the uncertain real estate market.

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brand identity

Brand values

The JFBrady Realty brand values of passion, connection, trust, and innovation influenced the branding design. These values aid JFBrady Realty in its quest to help clients achieve their dreams.

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Brand Vision

JFBrady envisions a world where everyone has the expert guidance to find the right home or commercial property.

Brand Values

Passion – JFBrady Realty is passionate about pairing people with the correct property to meet their current and future needs.

Connection – JFBrady Realty believes the connection between realtors, clients, teams, and more creates the environment for real estate magic.

Trust – A home or commercial space is an enormous purchase, and JFBrady Realty is honored by the trust clients place in the team.

Innovation – Real estate is a booming industry, and JFBrady Realty is committed to putting innovation into practice for clients.

Brand Voice

JFBrady speaks with a professional tone rich with passion and knowledge. This combination appeals to a broad range of clients and instills trust in the company. The broad appeal maximizes how many US-based customers contact the company.

The content JFBrady realty will feature a mix of listings and team images in its public presence. This mix provides a professional image without coming off as cold, which would not appeal to the consumers JFBrady Realty serves.

Brand Targeting

JFBrady primarily works with people searching for their primary homes, though second homes and rentals are the company’s secondary market. Due to the nature of the local area, there is a significant amount of competition for each client, so having a specific draw becomes necessary.

JFBrady Realty works primarily with people in their 30s and 40s searching for a home that’s ready for a family. JFBrady Realty stands out amongst the competition to these buyers with their passion, ability to connect, and trust-building. 

Brand Positioning

JFBrady is positioned as a mid to high expense option for future homeowners and commercial property investors. This positioning helps the company deliver the connections with clients and community members alike the firm is famous for.

The real estate company is well positioned within the market and has extensive community ties. The community ties help JFBrady Realty reach potential homebuyers and start to build the connection with them

Brand Experience

The JFBrady experience revolves around trust and connection for clients. This experience is enhanced by the individuals helping support clients throughout one of the biggest purchases of their lives. JFBrady protects its team rigorously so they can better serve clients.

The cohesive brand package JFBrady Realty ordered helps enhance the professionalism and trust the company displays. The package also provides more agency for JFBrady Realty to customize their client experience without creating more work.