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brand history

Mobile Wallboxen began with a simple wall charger for electric cars when the car concept was much newer. The creative company gradually expanded to include more accessories as electric cars became more sophisticated. Now the business brings unique solutions all over Europe.

Brand elements


Mobile Wallboxen aims to make electric vehicles more accessible than ever to own. With that in mind, this amazing company's branding and packaging design needed to fit its comprehensive mission. Mobile Wallboxen also wanted the branding design to stand out to deliver more accessories and help drive the electric revolution.


With the complete business branding design, Mobile Wallboxen obtained everything from polo shirt design to packaging design. Everything was both amazing and unique to the company. It was also all on the trends for professional appearance in the niche.

This unique branding design concept is suitable for growing companies, not personal branding. The idea presents any member of the company as a brief window into what the company does. It's an inspiration in the field.