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brand story

Powerhouse Pumice began as a small cleaning company and rapidly grew from there. The whole company is always professional and delivers high-quality cleanings in residential and commercial settings at a reasonable cost. The cleaning branding design was the latest step in ensuring the company’s place in the local market.

brand identity

Powerhouse Pumice needed a branding design concept that moved towards a more corporate appearance, not personal branding. The company obtained a new logo, car wrap, uniform, and more to ensure that everything became an inspiration for cleaning.

brand values

This company is all about delivering a professional clean using the most advanced techniques. These ideas strongly influenced the branding design ideas at the creative branding agency. They became part of the final brand product design.

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Brand Values

Professional – Powerhouse Pumice focuses on creating a stellar team to deliver professional cleaning services anywhere in the area.

Quality – Powerhouse Pumice delivers high-quality residential and commercial cleaning services every time.

Technology – Powerhouse Pumice eagerly adopts new cleaning technologies and methods to deliver a better, more consistent clean.

Dedication – The entire Powerhouse Pumice team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services possible.

Brand Promise

Powerhouse Pumice promises a cleaner world one building at a time through expert residential and commercial cleaning services.

Powerhouse Pumice envisions a world where every person’s everyday life happens in a safe and sanitary environment.

Brand Targeting

Powerhouse Pumice targets decision makers for residential and commercial buildings. In a residential setting, the decision to hire cleaners is often made by women who may or may not have children. However, the overwhelming majority are looking to gain back time.

In a commercial setting, hiring a professional cleaning agency like Powerhouse Pumice is often run through a couple of decision makers. There is no gender distinction, and the age of the decision makers varies. 

Brand Voice

Powerhouse Pumice speaks in a calm, professional brand voice in all communications. This voice appeals to people looking for a professional cleaning company ready to tackle their spaces with the thoroughness they need.

A significant portion of brand messaging for Powerhouse Pumice is devoted to the message that nothing is too tough to clean for the company. This messaging resonates with all groups of decision makers, along with the company’s guarantees.

Brand Positioning

Powerhouse Pumice is positioned as a mid to high range local professional cleaning company. This position attracts attention within the local community for those seeking a high quality clean that doesn’t scrimp on service.

Powerhouse Pumice is also an expanding company, which puts it in a unique position. The company’s position searches are also part of its positioning within that community since the company pays better than average wages.

Brand Experience

Powerhouse Pumice delivers exceptional service outside of the cleanings. Before people sign up, they’ve probably seen the clean advertising campaign, spoken to the professional support staff, and interacted with a team lead for a quote, leading to multiple positive impressions. 

The cleanings themselves are also part of the brand experience. All teams are trained to provide flawless service without disrupting the clients’ lives, regardless of how large or small the job is. Additionally, the team ensures that special requests are met and recorded for each visit for clients.