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Brand Voice

Bee Kind speaks in a friendly voice flavored with expertise. The brand is always conscious of its impact, from how it interacts with the world to the impact of its products. This leads to a unique tone for the brand voice.

Bee Kind is present on social media platforms, though the primary interaction is through the company’s dedicated app space. This unique approach allows for more flexibility through the various platforms.

Brand Identity

Bee Kind’s identity is based on its name. The logo comes from mixing a bee and a smiley face to create a simple, welcoming design. The elements are still recognizable while also being something new to represent Bee Kind.

Natural colors and straightforward fonts complement the Bee Kind visual elements. These choices also speak to the consciousness and eco-focus of the company, which attracts new customers to check out Bee Kind.

Brand Promise

Bee Kind helps people achieve their beauty goals through natural, organic products and a supportive community.

Bee Kind envisions a world where everyone feels comfortable in their skin without harming the environment everyone relies on.

Brand Values

Organic – Bee Kind focuses on organic beauty products as the future and the best option for the environment.

Beauty – Beauty comes in many forms, and Bee Kind fully embraces the beauty found in diversity.

Intuition – Bee Kind supports and honors intuition as people find the right path for them through life.

Sustainability – Bee Kind advocates sustainability in all ventures and operates on sustainable principles as a company.

Brand Targeting

Bee Kind targets young women interested in sustainable, organic beauty. This market is often highly engaged and vocal, making them easy for Bee Kind to attract and bring into its movement. Additionally, focusing on the younger demographics creates more long-term consumers.

Bee Kind also has a secondary market of ecologically focused individuals of all ages. Since the company focuses on organic and eco-friendly, it is attractive to individuals even if they do not subscribe to beauty products.

Brand Positioning

Bee Kind is positioned as an accessible option for accessing organic beauty. The company positions itself through pricing and where it is heard most often. In this manner, Bee Kind appears as a movement, not simply a brand.

Bee Kind must also contend with positioning in the ecologically friendly space, which is currently slightly crowded. The company uses a unique mix of brand voice personality and product focus to stand out.