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Brand Voice

Live Conscious supplies optimized supplements, which can be a tough market. The company uses a friendly, guru-style brand voice to deliver wisdom and other information about human health. The company also uses a slight variation to provide encouragement.

The Live Conscious brand voice is complex and layered. While guru implies expertise, the company also wanted to keep things accessible for those just starting their health journey. Live Conscious’ brand voice ensures they know they are welcome along with those more devoted to their health.

Brand Promise

Live Conscious helps people live healthier lives through the use of optimized supplements, exercise, and mindfulness.

Live Conscious envisions a world where everyone receives the nutrition and exercise they need without sacrificing their time.

Brand Identity

Live Conscious uses natural elements and colors to convey its messages. As Live Conscious products focus on natural ingredients to help the human body, these natural elements fit the story perfectly.

Additionally, Live Conscious focused on a clean brand without branching into extreme minimalism. The company wanted to ensure it had an attractive color scheme for its labels, and using color gradients around blue, white, yellow, and orange offered many options.

Brand Values

Human Health – Nothing is more valuable to people than their health, which Live Conscious helps them attain.

Natural – Focusing on natural products and ingredients helps maximize the impact of Live Conscious’s products.

Innovation – Live Conscious is dedicated to research and finding the next generation of options to improve human health.

Teamwork – Live Conscious would not be possible without the dedicated team and teamwork behind the company.

Brand Targeting

Live Conscious targets adults from their mid-twenties and above with products tailored to each age group. Each group has a unique range of products optimized for them, though Live Conscious ensures clear labeling to help consumers choose the right option for them.

There is a slight majority of women who choose Live Conscious products. However, the company maintains equal targeting between genders in its mission to help everyone get the proper supplement support.

Brand Positioning

Live Conscious is positioned as a relatively accessible option for consumers searching for support for their health. The company does not price like a luxury brand, but supplements are often viewed as optional by consumers.

Live Conscious also positions itself within the health supplements market well. The company does not try to compete with big, well-established brands but instead focuses on consumers who dislike the big brands. Plus, being readily available online allows it to reach a different customer base.