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Fractionalized Ownership

02 Token Concept

03 Character Concept

For B20’s branding strategy, the main character combined the founder’s art and likeness. This use of personal branding helped ensure that the innovative product supported a unique graphic image for the business.

04 Illustrations

05 Typography

06 NFT Art Wallet Concept

This brand design concept conveyed both a secure platform and an advanced game for users. The associated inspiration was trading cards and the creative concepts.

As a branding agency, the wallet package required quality inspiration. As an art company, B20 offered an amazing source of examples and ideas for the branding design.

08 Memes

B20 also enlisted our branding agency for NFT art-specific memes. Each meme represents a creative trend that helps companies take their branding design to the world.

Stan Branding Design Agency

Brand Voice

B20 presents a unique brand voice across various platforms that is fun but committed to the broad range of NFTs. The brand does employ humor where appropriate and makes interacting with the platform intuitive for users.

Brand Identity

The experts at B20 sought a branding agency to bring creativity to the brand identity that matched the uniqueness of the art the company sells as NFTs. B20 opted to aim for unconventional, and the brand identity reflects that.

In a mix of colors, fonts, logos, and a sprite, B20 made itself highly recognizable to consumers. In turn, customers responded to the unconventional take on NFT and cryptocurrency, which helped immensely boost the game aspect’s popularity.

Brand Mission and Vision

B20 is on a mission to deliver fun, practical access to NFT and cryptocurrency to a broader world audience.

B20 envisions a world where everyone can safely access cryptocurrency and manage their NFTs to grow their personal wealth.

Brand Values

Innovation – B20 innovates every day in every aspect of the business to ensure the smoothest customer experience with the newest market features.

Humor – B20 believes humor connects everyone. Using humor regularly and incorporating it into the B20 culture helps maintain a cohesive feel.

Dependability – B20 believes dependability is critical for everything the company does since the platform involves money and irreplaceable items.

Security – B20 takes security seriously for itself and its customers. This company’s cultural facet ensures everyone can operate without fear.

Brand Targeting

B20 targets younger investors in NFTs and cryptocurrency. Before rebranding, the company still had the fun, hip vibe that it displays now. This attracted the attention of many, along with the intuitive app for trading and gaming.

The rebrand helped broaden the appeal while narrowing the ideal customer for marketing purposes. Now, the target is young investors looking for a flexible solution for their needs without making it a chore like many aspects of their lives.

Brand Position

B20 is an accessible platform for NFTs, which are relatively new to the broader global market. The accessibility of the platform and low initial entry make it a good platform for those starting out as well as those aiming to expand their portfolio. 

B20 is increasing its visibility to assist its brand position. The company prefers not to be seen as a luxury platform, even though some of the NFT art sold is of high value. Instead, the brand positions itself as a fun way to get in the game.