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brand story

The Immo Hackers concept centers around computer security and defending against bad actors. However, that does not mean the company needed to follow trends. Instead, the business went with a more anonymized brand story design that matched their white hat operation.

colors & typography


Immo Hackers supplies computer security in an otherwise unsafe environment, cyberspace. The company also supports educational events and unique conferences.

brand identity

Immo Hackers did not want personal branding. Instead, the company needed a creative branding design that matched the anonymity many find on the internet.

With this logo design and branding package, our creative branding agency delivered both with a slightly dangerous flare.

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Brand Vision

Immo Hackers aims to make concern about hackers a thing of the past through innovative solutions and up-to-date best practices.

Brand Values

Bold – Immo Hackers is bold in the face of modern cybersecurity threats and delivers security from a variety of threats.

Adaptivity – Cybersecurity is a continuously adapting field, and Immo Hackers is committed to adapting for clients.

Professionalism – White hat hacking may be a cutting-edge field, but Immo Hackers aims to deliver every service with professionalism.

Perception – Cybersecurity requires perception to solve the real issues, not just chase the effects.

Brand Differentiation

Immo Hackers delivers top of the line cybersecurity solutions ready for the future, not the past. Where traditional solutions are bulky and leave vulnerabilities even when continuously monitored, Immo Hackers delivers a streamlined option for companies wanting everything done.

Brand Voice

Immo Hackers uses a casual voice combined with expertise in the field for a unique way to present the company. The company always presents itself as forward-thinking and ready to shield its customers from the harm improper cybersecurity can yield.

Brand Targeting

Immo Hackers offers cutting-edge services for practical business owners and security experts. Immo Hackers serves a variety of industries, as cybersecurity is not an exclusive concern to one niche. This is part of why hiring a branding agency made sense.

Working with Immo Hackers on their existing customer base data revealed that the brand often connected with younger decision makers. As decision makers ranged in demographics, achieving a little broader appeal without losing young decision makers was key.

Immo Hackers’ new branding targeted decision makers at all levels who were ready to have their own “good guy in the shadows.” Playing off recent trends, the brand targeting evolved into a broader focus.

Brand Positioning

Immo Hackers is positioned as a forward-thinking solution anyone can implement. The brand is also accessible rather than luxurious and serves a wide variety of clients. This position allows Immo Hackers a broad market.

Due to the vision of Immo Hackers to help stop hackers everywhere, the brand has broad appeal for businesses. However, by narrowing it down and focusing on the specific problems cyber attacks generate, the company was better able to deliver on its brand mission.

Brand Experience

Immo Hackers delivers a unique customer experience. While each team member is an expert, the company also makes a concerted effort to make cybersecurity less scary for their customers as well as more accessible.