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Backery Brand Design |

There is a popular belief that eating baked goods in large quantities is a sure way to ruin’s body figure. Meanwhile, there are supporters of bread diets who claim eating bread alone helps shed the pounds. Where is the truth? Probably somewhere in between…
Stan Agency developed a logo and visual media for the bakery. We needed a memorable sign, so we used elements reminiscent of the wheat grains common in baked goods. The new Backwelle logo looked excellent on business cards, packaging, and signage.
Stan Branding Design Agency

Brand Mission

Backwelle delivers exceptional bread directly to customers so they can experience the homemade benefits without the homemade commitment.

Brand Story

Backwelle began as a small shop that decided to take advantage of the internet from the beginning. The little company posted its offerings online, which attracted a broader audience seeking fresh baked goods where they were not readily available. Backwelle continues to serve this demographic and expand its wholesome brand.

Brand Values

Appreciation – Backwelle actively appreciates the opportunities presented by customers and the art of baking to support the employees.

Dedication – Backwelle dedicates itself to delivering consistent quality using traditional techniques for better bread.

Reliability – Backwelle reliably delivers high-quality bread products. This consistency over the decades built the brand into a powerhouse.

Quality – Backwelle prides itself on the quality of every loaf and pastry. This pride motivates the company to continue striving forward.

Brand Differentiation

Backwelle differentiates itself through the quality of its bakery goods and its online presence. The company has had a digital presence as long as it’s been possible, and the longevity helps it deliver an exceptional experience that keeps customers coming back, especially if they do not have a good local bakery.

Brand Voice

Backwelle speaks in a very down-to-earth voice that’s passionate about all types of baking. The company delivers a consistent passion for everything it sells, which helps customers take the risk of buying from an online-focused bakery.

Packaging Elements


Backwelle uses a straightforward color palette composed of browns and creams. This natural palette for a bakery is clean and professional, which matches perfectly with the high-quality bread.


Backwelle relies on a simplified wheat stalk. While many bakeries use this visual, the unique stylization of the stalk sets the company’s visual apart from the competition.


Backwelle uses a traditional serif font as its primary option. However, the secondary font gives the company a little more agency to create visual interest since it is modern and rounded.


Backwelle uses a minimalist format for its packaging design, business cards, and physical location. This format allows the bread to take center stage for the business.

Brand Targeting

Backwelle targets a range of ages and income levels. However, the company’s targeting precision comes from finding those who value homemade items and focus on nutritional value. These two subgroups, which may or may not have a local bakery, make up the majority of Backwelle’s customer base. 

Brand Positioning

Backwelle is positioned as a forward-focused digital option for conventional bakery goods. The company is priced affordably for bread that’s not necessarily local to the average German customer. The brand is also highly visible for a bakery, which changes its position in the broader market.