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Trade Show Booth Design


Pinteal brought Stan Agency an innovation challenge for the company’s next trade show booth design. Pinteal makes hunting decoy devices that can be controlled from a smartphone. That changes the hunting game. The company wanted a professional booth design so that it stood out at its next show. We were happy to oblige.

Challenge Components
  • Niche market
  • Overcoming ingrained hunting methods
  • Viewable from all angles

The Universal Challenge with Trade Show Booths

The big challenge with all display booth designs is creating something that’s viewable from all angles and showcases the product. The booth is only as successful as how many transactions it does. Display design requires numerous factors, not to mention the display must be set up correctly once it arrives at the show. Otherwise, it loses its effect.

Industry Research

The first step on our trade show booth design journey was research into the hunting industry. There are several subsections of this industry, including decoys. However, many of them use the same marketing ideas and motifs. Looking into the hunting industry informed us which trends are working reliably for continued sales.

Audience Research

Hunting, including with decoys, is a unisex sport. The display design needed to include the fact that more men hunt than women presently. We then dug into the various demographic groups. This yielded several common denominators we could use for constructing a booth design.

Trade Show Booth Research as a Custom Design Firm

As the last research-intensive step, we looked at other trade show booths from a variety of industries. We knew we had to make hunting the focus. Some other sectors are on the cutting edge of design. We wanted to make sure that the final trade show booth design stayed relevant for years to come as well as suiting the company right now.

Bonus Challenge

One of the big challenges with this design project is the history and lore associated with hunting. Many people do not want the latest gadgetry when how their grandpa taught them works just fine. We needed to intrigue the people who had no interest in using their phone while hunting with our booth design. That way, they would at least look at the idea.

Brand Symbology

Pinteal bases its brand on the great outdoors. There is a lot of available symbology in hunting, ducks, and decoys. We wanted to include some of not only the brand colors but also the brand lore to attract eyes. Otherwise, Pinteal would not stand out at busy trade shows. This combination meant we could draw focus to the products.

Design Inspiration

Our primary inspiration was the existing Pinteal brand. We decided to use the primary color of the brand prominently. The team also liked the idea of including at least one demonstration decoy and some of the hunting imagery. With this in mind, the team was able to bring back several innovative ideas.

Element Decisions

We knew roughly what shape the display would take from the outset since it needed to be portable. Instead, we focused on the quantity of each element that we wanted to include before we sent the team off to brainstorm. The Pinteal blue needed a shape, but we left it up to the group to decide in their display designs.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The Stan Agency design team returned several advanced trade show booth design concepts. First, we examined each design to ensure it matched the Pinteal brand. Then, we performed several tests with focus groups to determine which designs were the most eye-catching. Lastly, we made sure one person could put up and take down each booth design idea.


The Pinteal team loved the trade show booth design concept. The company ordered a few to spread out to its various trade show teams right after it received the design. The company emailed Stan Agency that it had received several compliments on the booth and would be ordering more units.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom trade show booth design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
For the final design, Pinteal’s signature blue slashed through a dark background to draw the eye. The display decoy sits on top of the display. The various controller models fill the shelves under the demonstrations. The display looks amazing regardless of whether it’s at a trade show booth or in a store. We look forward to working with Pinteal more as the company expands its product offerings.
Find Out About No.1 Display Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics