Kara Collection

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Kara Collection
Kara Collection

Fashion Brand Design |
Kara Collection

A sense of style begins with details. Each Kara Collection product has its own zest, which you can only understand by touching and wearing them.
Kara Collection
Kara Collection
Kara Collection
Kara Collection
Kara Collection
Kara Fashion
Each of our accessories offers an individual style. Our designers were inspired by lightness and minimalism because beauty is simplicity. The minimalism of the Kara Collection shows the goal of usefulness in any fashion area.
Kara Collection
Often, we hear a question from our competition: "Why should customers choose us?" The answer is simple: "If you want to be unique, we may start on the same path, but we must break the patterns."
Kara Collection
Stan Branding Design Agency

Brand Mission

Kara Collection supplies people with high-quality, feminine accessories and wardrobe staples to create unique looks in their personal style more easily.

Brand Values

Individuality – Style is personal, and Kara Collection supports individuality by helping people find their unique look with high-quality options. 

Hope – Kara Collection helps people find hope and joy in their lives through being able to express themselves.

Simplicity – Kara Collection considers simplicity the pinnacle of every design so it can showcase what’s really important, the customer.

Minimalism – Kara Collection embraces minimalism throughout the business, from designing accessories to the brand.

Brand Differentiation

Kara Collection differentiates itself through exceptional quality and minimalist design. The brand expresses these differences through its brand design and marketing to attract customers ready for a change in their wardrobe.

Brand Voice

Kara Collection uses a feminine, young brand voice throughout its marketing. This voice allows the company to connect with the younger crowd that makes up its primary customer base. This decision builds trust as well as excitement over the possibilities of the products.

Packaging Elements


Kara Collection uses a soft palette of pink, white, light brown, and gold. This palette is all in soft tones, allowing the products to shine rather than the branded packaging.


Kara Collection is committed to minimalism, which means few visuals. The diamond the company uses conveys the luxury of the product in combination with the lack of visuals.


Kara Collection uses a sans serif combination to deliver a beautiful and elegant look. In addition, this combination gives the company agency to create additional products using the logo, which is essentially the Marisa font.


Kara Collection’s branding format revolves around the minimalist logo. The rest of the design centers around soft, beautiful color gradients that pair seamlessly with the products.

Brand Targeting

Kara Collection targets young, feminine people through its branding. While minimalism is currently very trendy among all age groups, targeting the younger age bracket yields more sales as people focus on building their wardrobe and establishing their preferred style. This period of wardrobe building is formative, and Kara Collection gains customers for life.

Brand Positioning

Kara Collection is positioned on the high end of affordable. This position affords the brand a certain amount of luxury feeling without making it too stuffy for the younger crowd the brand attracts. The company also projects a female-forward approach that helps it maintain its position.