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The first thing people see viewing your website or passing your store is your signage design. Quality signage design communicates more than your company's name. It displays your own unique identity. It clarifies your values and voice. It draws prospective customers in – or keeps them walking.
When you consider the multitude of competitor companies, it’s clear your signage design is the fastest way to differentiate yourself. But without a professional design team, your creative ideas aren’t easily translated into effective physical or digital signage designs.
Instead, you’ll have cheap looking, unprofessional, unappealing signs. Your signage design could push customers away instead of drawing them in.
That’s why you need a team of skilled graphic designers and expert typographers who stay abreast of the most advanced design trends and who can create custom signs that… Read more...
  • Fit your marketing niche like a glove.
  • Communicate your personality and voice in a creative and attractive way.
  • Grab your market’s attention, leading them to online or brick-and-mortar locations.
In short, you need Stan Agency.
What sets Stan Agency apart?
We’re a USA-based agency that specializes in designing innovative signs for a variety of contexts, including...
  • Wayfinding signage design
  • Museum signage design
  • Metal & wooden signage design
  • Digital signage design
Our team of expert graphic designers, typographers, and marketers have decades of experience with designing signage that connects with consumers at an emotional level. We’ll work with you to create all the digital signage your business needs, whether it’s a large facility with dozens of rooms or a simple online storefront.
We’re committed to helping you communicate your brand through well-designed, amazing signage that demands attention and gets results at an affordable price.
How can signage design help my business?
Your signage is the first thing customers see. Their eyes will be drawn to it the first time they visit your website. They’ll notice it as they drive by your location. And when it comes into their field of view, they will make an immediate judgment about your business based on it.
Will that opinion be positive or negative? Will it be accurate or misguided?
Your signage design can make the difference between a prospective customer taking a chance and walking into your place of business or passing you by on the way to one of your competitors.
Our signage design services will help you…
  • Put your best face forward. Let your signage make a positive first impression with your target market by communicating your brand and voice. Customers should know what your niche is when seeing your signs, we can make sure they’re right in their assumptions.
  • Bring new customers in & keep old customers coming back for more. Creative, custom signs have the power to bring customers into your location that would’ve walked on by. They can also remind previous customers that you still offer great service. And we can help you create the innovative sign solutions you need to accomplish both goals
How does Stan Agency achieve results?
Our team of experienced, skilled designers approaches every job in a meticulous, systematic way…
  • New orders begin with an extensive consultation phase, allowing us to better understand your business, current brand image, current label design, and important values. We’ll examine the packaging and boxes you use or images of work you’ve completed. We’ll also draw inspiration from your business and marketing goals.
  • Once we understand your brand, we’ll look at industry trends and the marketing concepts that seem to be hottest right now, including package design examples from other companies in your niche. This will give us some solid ideas of what’s working.
  • Then, we’ll develop a brief, laying out the ideas for your custom signage design, from graphics to typography and beyond. We’ll also let you know the estimated cost and the reasoning behind each charge.
  • Once you’ve had an opportunity to examine everything and sign-off, we’ll release our team to create the elements needed to make your signage design a success.
If you’d like to learn more about our signage design services, contact us today.