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Catalogue Design


HVP Aqua presented an intriguing challenge to Stan Agency for its new catalogue design. The company sells LED lighting for fish tanks and wanted to expand its current market share. Stan Agency accepted the unique challenge and set our top-rated design team to research immediately.

Challenge Components
  • Saturated market
  • Product-based
  • Niche consumer concerns

Industry Research

Once we began researching, we found out quickly that fish tank lighting is a competitive industry. We also found that safety is the most significant consideration. From this information, we were able to find more information on what makes HVP Aqua’s lighting unique among fish tank lights for fresh and saltwater.

Audience Research

We then dug into the potential audience for the catalogue design. Fish seem to be a popular pet for people in the middle of their lives in the UK and USA, though there were enough outliers to warrant searching for common denominators. This dramatically affected the early product catalogue design concepts.

Research as a Custom Catalogue Design Firm

The team then investigated other product catalogue designs from HVP Aqua’s competitors. Creating catalogue designs like this was not unknown in the industry, but it was sufficiently rare that HVP Aqua had an advantage by creating one. We decided to avoid most of the trends in the competitor research.

Bonus Challenge

The challenge with this custom order involved creating a catalogue design that assuaged consumer concerns within the niche. In most cases, the people buying the LED lighting care about their fish and want them to be healthy. We ended up spending considerable design space explaining the safety of the lights to assuage the concern.

Brand Symbology

To create the best catalogue design, we did a brand analysis on HVP Aqua. The company uses a minimalist branding approach and focuses on the water its product resides inside. As we created the catalogue design, we kept these in mind for the coloration and extra elements that could detract from the brad feel.

Design Inspiration

The significant design inspiration for the overall catalogue design was the aquariums the LED lighting goes into. Each aquarium is unique, and HVP Aqua was kind enough to send over images of its staff favorites. This allowed us to create a professional catalogue design that spoke to the LED product.

Element Decisions

Once the team decided to keep everything in the minimalist style, the element decisions were straightforward. We agreed that the LED equipment would provide most of the color, but that accents would work. However, the design team made their own decisions regarding the placement of each element.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The professional catalogue design team produced several creative concepts. We began the meeting by comparing these ideas to the HVP Aqua branding. Then we looked at practical considerations such as white space and print cost. The final design combined the layout of one concept with the cover of another.


HVP Aqua began printing the catalogue design once the company marketing team approved it. The catalogues were soon in the mail and available at partner stores. HVP Aqua recently reached out and let Stan Agency know that the product catalogue design was helping sales figures and improving its retailer relationships.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom catalogue cover design
  • One creative catalogue layout design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final company catalogue design featured a bright cover with an aquarium. Meanwhile, the inside featured blue and grey accents for a professional yet minimalist look. Product images were placed throughout the catalogue and were the focus. We look forward to working with HVP Aqua again as the company grows.
Find Out About #1 Catalogue Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics