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Pamphlet Design


Essence brought a creative pamphlet design challenge to Stan Agency. The company wanted a pamphlet design that would help sell more lenses for its sports glasses. Stan Agency took the challenge and immediately began researching the best pamphlet design options that would suit Essence’s needs.

Challenge Components
  • Niche market
  • Equal space for multiple products
  • Consumer wariness

Industry Research

The first place we researched is the sports eyeglass industry. Consumers understand the importance of proper eyewear and are willing to pay for it in this industry. We also found that sports eyewear is selling well right now, which boded well for Essence as the company brings the new eyewear arrangement to the market.

Audience Research

Essence targets multiple markets within the sports eyewear industry, from runners to cyclists. We looked for common elements between the various groups as we looked at the distinct audiences. We also found that the interchangeable lenses on the product helped its sales among the practical athletes.

Research as a Custom Pamphlet Design Firm

Part of designing a pamphlet is researching other pamphlet designs from the industry. We looked at several competitor designs, including a few from the USA market. We noticed that many of the industry pamphlets seemed crowded in design. We decided we needed to avoid this trend while completing the project.

Bonus Challenge

Consumer wariness was one of the significant challenges with the Essence project. These pamphlets would not only end up inside the product packaging, but the papers would also be used by consumers to make decisions. We needed to find a way to convey the safety and durability of the eyewear, especially with the interchangeable lenses.

Brand Symbology

Essence has been around long enough to build a community-based brand centered on everyone achieving the goals they make. The brand is built around the outdoors, which is a good series of symbols to incorporate. Our professional design team also found the clean symbology used by the brand easy to integrate.

Design Inspiration

As part of the pamphlet design price, we investigated several distinct areas. Most of the inspiration came from Essence’s existing branding, rather than market trends. The empowerment and spirit of the brand inspired the team most. The pamphlet design group also drew inspiration from the clean designs of minimalism.

Element Decisions

From the beginning, we knew we needed to include several product shots in the pamphlet design to meet its intended purpose. However, the team debated heavily on how to use these elements. We also knew we wanted to include someone wearing the glasses in the pamphlet design, but let the team decide where in their individual designs.

Narrowing Down the Final Options

The pamphlet design team produced several amazing ideas for the Essence project. We began by examining the pamphlet designs for how close each matched Essence’s existing branding. Then we looked at how useful the ideas were as instructional pamphlets. The final decision came down to printing cost effectiveness.


The Essence team liked the pamphlet design and immediately began print production. From there, the pamphlets were introduced to the market. Essence shared consumer feedback with Stan Agency that the professional pamphlets made an enormous difference in its customer experience and helps sports stores sell more eyewear.

The Deliverable

The Final Package:
  • One complete custom pamphlet design
  • Separate package design elements for reuse
The final design is practical, with the eyewear as the center. The design team included multiple images of each product variation for consumer comfort. Apart from the glasses, a simple black and white color scheme provides plenty of blank space, so consumers are not overwhelmed. We look forward to working more with Essence as it develops new products.
Find Out About No1 Pamphlet Design in 2021 | Branding Agency Print Graphics