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Instagram has 1 billion+ active users. Over 70% have purchased something after seeing a creative post featuring it. That’s a huge number of people to connect with and selling to.
How will you stand out from the millions of competitor companies or get your unique voice heard?
You never will without amazing Instagram posting designs. Instead, you’ll end up with a dead-end feed that connects with little more than your personal friends and family. If that happens, Instagram’s tremendous potential for advancing your business will be squandered.
You need a team of professional graphic designers who stay at the cutting edge of marketing trends and who can create innovative Instagram designs that... Read more...
  • Stop users from scrolling and demand their attention.
  • Showcase examples of your own products and services in an attractive, compelling way.
  • Draw your target market down your photo’s caption and toward a clear call to action.
  • Use the most advanced marketing techniques to boost conversions and sales with quality design.
  • Won’t cost your entire marketing budget.
In other words, you need Stan Agency.
What sets Stan Agency apart?
Stan Agency’s a USA-based agency that specializes in developing custom Instagram page designs and Instagram feeds designs for companies looking to leverage their social media presence more successfully.
Our team of graphic designers and marketers have years of experience in coming up with compelling ideas and using them as inspiration to craft images that stand out and cause your target market to stop scrolling. And we’ll work with you to design Instagram posts that convert window shoppers into paying customers.
We’re committed to helping you tap into the huge market potential of Instagram, one of the internet’s fasting growing social media platforms at a price you can afford.
How can Instagram design help my business?
Instagram gives you immediate access to millions of people worldwide. With the right images and captions, you can easily achieve dozens of key marketing goals, including...
  • Build brand awareness. Instagram is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost brand awareness and social reach. When you consistently post captivating content, including well-designed images, effective captions, and popular hashtags, you’ll be able to reach millions of people – including a host of potential customers.
  • Connect with your market. Thanks to Instagram’s heart and comment features, you can communicate with prospective and current customers easily. Your posts allow you to meet customers where they are, answer any questions they may have, and follow-up with those who have made purchases in the past. And all of this connecting begins with beautiful and creative images.
  • Boost sales. Well-designed Instagram posts can be the first step in a sales funnel that will boost your sales. When your target market sees your products or the results from your services packages in an attractive, professional image, they’ll be more likely to visit your product or landing page.
How does Stan Agency achieve results?
To design powerful and compelling Instagram feed images, we take the following approach...
  • New orders begin with an extensive consultation phase, allowing us to better understand your business, current brand image, current label design, and important values. We’ll examine the packaging and boxes you use or images of work you’ve completed. We’ll also draw inspiration from your business and marketing goals.
  • Once we understand your brand, we’ll look at industry trends and the marketing concepts that seem to be hottest right now, including package design examples from other successful Instagram accounts in your niche. This will give us some solid ideas of what’s working.
  • After this, our team of graphic designers and digital marketers puts together a brief that lays out every aspect and idea of your custom Instagram page design, from graphics to typography and beyond. We’ll also let you know the estimated cost and the reasoning behind each charge.
  • Once you’ve had an opportunity to examine everything and sign-off, we’ll release our team to create the elements needed to make your Instagram page design a success.
If you’d like to learn more about our Instagram design services, contact us today.