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A brief implies previous hire, yet brief design can still amaze your client. This simple two-page document embodies your agency’s visual identity. It proves you are established, professional, and understand the importance of organization at the initiation of business deals. The creative brief is one of your most valuable assets. It answers every question you have about your client and their project with pinpoint accuracy and superb organization, all while remaining concise. To achieve this with your brief design, contact our incredible team of designers.
What Is a Design Brief?
A design brief is a short document of roughly two pages that aims to clarify a creative project’s strategy and purpose. It documents and outlines the start of how you plan to reach the goals of the project. Read more...
Professionalism shines in the design brief. You’re no longer at the stage of convincing someone to hire you, so the brief shouldn’t be thought of as a push to sell your services and expertise. Instead, it must prove your understanding of the client, project, and ability based on what content you fill the brief with.
Design Brief Content
Here is your chance to remove back-and-forth emailing and answer every possible question about the project, shared with the client. Ask the client to explain their business: What is the nature of your business and for whom? Find out project goals, deadlines, budget, and reference materials. Even ask for competitor websites to scope out the competition. Are t parts of this project outsourced to other people or agencies? What are the expected deliverables?
Answer as many questions as possible in your design brief but keep the answers concise. This is a shared document, so you want to be as clear as possible. Muddying the information only creates confusion which leads to negative impacts on the quality of the project and your professional relationship.
Benefits of Design Briefs
The most important benefit of a brief is clarity. The scope of the project is outlined clearly, the point of contact is displayed prominently, and the expectations for the project’s final result is set. Both parties use this document as a reference before making decisions or making contact, which in turn saves times.
Why Design Creative Briefs?
The creative brief is strictly informative, it is not meant to sell your services. Albeit, a cleverly designed brief can subliminally sell your services without making that the document’s primary goal. While the brief prefers function over form, an aesthetically pleasing layout with icons, logos, and beautiful borders can press your services forward. This document can be effortlessly impressive, focusing on the content while maintaining its beauty.
Forms are easy to print, like applying for health insurance or filing taxes. No one wants to be reminded of those scenarios while working with a creative professional. Set the background of your brief as a simple pattern with low opacity or use navigation as a reference to outline each question as a roadmap. These simple ideas provide a lasting impact.
Prove to clients that attention to detail spans across your entire agency, including design briefs. You’ll prove your professionalism, attention to detail, and organizational skills while implementing a beautiful design onto a dull document. Contact our team of excellent designers to build your perfect brief and showcase your full potential as a professional designer.