Stan Branding Design Agency

Brand Voice

RoYo Bread employs a down-to-earth, fun brand voice for its messaging. This voice ensures that the honesty of the bakery comes through in the tone while remaining engaging to customers, who often choose their bread on branding as well as price.
Choosing a fun brand voice also offered a unique opportunity to the bread company. While fun is a common option for bakeries, the unique spin aimed at adults helps RoYo Bread stand out amongst the competition in the area.

Brand Identity

RoYo Bread wanted to stick close to the bakery theme throughout the design of its brand package by Stan Branding Agency. As a result, the brand uses bakery colors, including the rich browns and creams associated with a perfectly baked loaf.
RoYo Bread’s other elements return to the classic bakery look in the fonts and the visual inspiration. It’s hard for people to visualize a bakery without fresh bread, cutting boards, rolling pins, and flour, so RoYo bread played on the motif.

Brand Promise

RoYo Bread delivers one healthy, tasty loaf of bread at a time for customers interested in how their bread tastes.
RoYo Bread envisions a world of healthy baked goods that taste as they’re supposed to, without preservatives or additives.

Brand Values

Honesty – RoYo Bread is committed to honesty, from the ingredients in the bakery goods to operations.
Imagination – RoYo Bread offers traditional and imaginative takes on bakery products to delight cutomers.
Quality – Every loaf and treat from RoYo Bread uses quality ingredients and well-tested methods to guarantee deliciousness.
Customer-Centric – RoYo Bread prides itself on being customer-centric in every aspect of operations.

Brand Targeting

RoYo Bread targets moderate to high means consumers who make decisions based on the nutritional value of what they eat, not the price. Often, this includes people worried about their health as well as those who make decisions about what their family eats.
RoYo Bread does have a corporate audience aiming for distribution to local area stores. This fact does alter some of the more formal communications, but not the voice used when addressing the general public.

Brand Positioning

RoYo Bread is positioned as an affordable luxury. This position makes the company appealing to consumers who want something fresh and different from their local area. There is also local appeal in RoYo Bread’s position.
The brand also presents a practical option for those tired of the standard grocery store bread. Customers often switch to artisanal sources like RoYo Bread when they want something flavorful with additional nutritional value, and the company uses this in its marketing.