Stan Branding Design Agency

Brand Voice

Baba Land uses a soft, authoritative brand voice that matches the brand’s luxury positioning in the marketplace. In addition, due to the feminine focus of the brand, the Baba Land brand voice speaks to women as someone would a friend.

Brand Identity

Baba Land is a luxurious brand creating personal care products. These products deliver luxury experiences, so the branding and packaging became signals of that luxury. The final package included feminine fonts and other minimalist elements.

Establishing the luxury feel was paramount, so the brand also included professional gradients for various uses. This option list gave the company agency over which gradients matched up with what product line as well as providing contrast for customers.

Brand Promise

Baba Land helps people add a little luxury to their personal care routine with time-tested products that deliver results and a luxuriant feel.

Baba Land envisions a world where everyone can access the personal care products they need to feel beautiful in their skin.

Brand Values

Luxury – Baba Land is committed to creating a luxury experience for every customer, from product shopping to use.

Simplicity – Baba Land adores simplicity and minimalism that helps clear customers’ minds so they can focus on what’s important.

Innovation – Baba Land is always searching for the next innovation in personal care for customers to enjoy.

Responsibility – Baba Land always takes corporate responsibility to customers and employees seriously.

Brand Positioning

Baba Land is deliberately positioned as a supplier of personal luxury products. The business does this through branding, pricing, and performance, placing it on the luxury end of consumer awareness. The company also controls its product placement to create a feeling of scarcity.

The company aims to appeal to women who are in the prime of their lives. This position is similar to many other luxury brands in the personal care niche. However, Baba Land’s position focuses on comfort rather than keeping up with peers.

Brand Targeting

Baba Land targets women in their prime as the company’s primary audience. These women are seeking a luxurious experience with products that work for themselves but generally do not purchase luxury products to keep up with peers. Instead, they want the luxury for themselves.

Men are a secondary market for Baba Land. While the company does not actively target them, some are drawn to the soft brand voice and effective products that deliver what they need. This secondary market is growing for the company.